Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep During the Pandemic?

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had to face challenges.

But truck drivers have been among those who’ve had to clear some unique hurdles. On the road, they were suddenly trying to figure out where to eat, how to get basic supplies, and even where to go to the bathroom.

All of this may cause you to pose the question, where do truck drivers sleep during this pandemic? We’ll take a look.

The Unique Challenges for Truck Drivers

At the very beginning of the pandemic, companies were using businesses like this ltl logistics company to get trucks out on the road. Truck drivers were making special runs to stock shelves that were running out of toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizer.

Meanwhile, truckers themselves were scurrying for these same items. And many restaurants closed their lobbies and their drive-thru lanes didn’t welcome trucks, so the drivers had to get good at packing their own coolers.

Then there was the issue of where to sleep.

Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep?

Of course, things have gotten better since those early days of the pandemic. At that time, places that were once accommodating were suddenly frightening. Sometimes they simply weren’t an option.

Today, the situation is still a bit dicey. But, as with everyone else, truck drivers are figuring out how to maneuver this new world. Below are some of their options for sleeping while on the road.

1. Hotels/Motels

Hotels and motels are only an option if the trucker or the trucking company is willing to foot the bill. Even so, with proper precautions, they’re a viable solution again.

Truck drivers find it’s still best practice to thoroughly wash hands and wear flip flops while in the bathroom. And when possible, they bring their own blankets, sheets, and pillowcases. It isn’t that these establishments are filthy, it’s more an issue that they’re understaffed or overburdened.

2. Rest Stops

Early in the shutdown, the trusty rest stops where truckers knew they could stop for the night were only open on a hit-and-miss basis. That made it nearly impossible for drivers to find a place to sleep, wash up in the morning, and make some coffee in their trucks.

3. Parking Lots

Similar to rest stops, parking lots that were once welcoming of truckers were suddenly not so inviting. They’d be awakened in the middle of the night by a tow company booting their equipment and shaking them down for cash.

Fortunately, online support groups quickly formed that gave truckers the heads up on communities that were providing portable showers, food, and care packages for truck drivers.

Thank the Truck Drivers

Next time you’re in a store gazing at fully stocked shelves, think about all of the truck drivers out there. And remember that the question of where do truck drivers sleep during this difficult time is still not so easily answered.

In the meantime, keep checking back with us for more great stories from the world of small business!