Where can you buy playground equipment in Canada?

Playing outdoors gives enough relaxation and give fresh energy both physically and mentally. To enjoy every moment in the playground, one has to be sure that you are using the right kind of equipment which is safe to use. If you are in Canada, then you can buy the best playground equipment in Canada from Parkworks Solutions Corp. Here you can be ensured of both quality and safety at an affordable price. They offer the equipment given below, where you can enjoy every moment with your friends and family:

Playground surfacing

This product is made from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fibre made from either softwoods or hardwoods, with wood fibres of varying sizes. The newly inserted product should have time to settle. It knits together or compacts into a layer. No wood that contains paint, chemicals, or additions is used. The product is clear of twigs, leaf fragments, and other organic elements and has very little bark. Drainage is crucial because if the product is moist in cold weather, it could freeze. The most popular and initially least expensive surface option is wood fibre, but it will require more maintenance. Volunteer labour can be used to install wood fibre. It gives your play structure a lovely, natural appearance where you will definitely enjoy the natural appeal.

Foam rubber tiles landing pad

Rubber pads are a thin, flat mass of padding used in a wide range of applications. Crumb rubber is included with some pads. For softness, such pads have a hollow underside. The crumb rubber is positioned beneath the rubber pad to support it and improve the body’s ability to absorb shock. While big-sized rubber pads are utilized in many heavy-duty applications, small-sized rubber pads are used in light-duty applications. In playgrounds, muddy areas beneath swings and slides can be avoided with soft landing pads. People who want to get rid of the muddy areas that are typically seen under swings and slides usually choose the standard soft landing rubber mat. The majority of oils, water, steam, and chemicals won’t damage these rubber pads. If you were searching for playground equipment Canada, then rubber tiles landing pad can be the best option.

Aquatic Surfacing

A foam rubber flooring tile called Life Floor was created especially for the aquatic surfacing that sees a lot of barefoot usage. The tile can be used inside, outside, and even underwater. With its ground-breaking design, you can absorb the most impact and significantly lower your risk of harm even if you fall. The substance is also renowned for its toughness. These tiles can be produced in a variety of hues and textures. They are a fantastic option for play areas and theme parks since they can be placed with unique inlay designs. This new specification for splash pad surfaces evaluates the surfaces for slip resistance, chemical resistance, cleanability, impact attenuation, UV stability, and impermeability. And across the board, these safety surfacing tiles delivered outstanding results. 

Bottom Line

You can be yourself with the high-quality equipment offered by the Parkworks Solutions Corp. You can try the product confidently without any doubt and enjoy yourself.