Where Can I Find Cheap Car Insurance in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the city of Hollywood dreams but it’s also the city of traffic congestion, freeways, and endless drives. After all, the City of Angels is a big place, and getting from one area to the next is no small feat—especially in rush hour. Los Angeles drivers take the project of driving very seriously, especially considering that it’s a huge part of their lives.

Of course, driving in Los Angeles (or anywhere) starts way before you ever get behind the wheel. No Los Angeles drivers can get on the freeway without auto insurance and with so much time on the road, choosing the right insurance is a major part of Los Angeles living. But how can you find the right insurer who will give you great insurance coverage for a reasonable rate? With so many insurance companies, like GEICO and Liberty Mutual, or cheap car insurance from Freeway Insurance, the choice can be dizzying, to say the least.

It doesn’t have to be terribly hard to find cheap car insurance in Los Angeles, though. There are a few questions you can ask yourself that will make your choice of insurer a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the key questions.

Do you have a clean driving record and good credit?


the first thing to do is take a good, honest look at yourself as a motorist. Do you have a couple of DUIs under your belt or a less-than-ideal credit score? Policyholders who have a clean driving record and good credit usually get lower rates and can opt for more comprehensive coverage as a result. The inverse is also true, though—if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket (or a few), you might have to opt for minimum coverage if you want cheap car insurance.

Of course, if you’re a motorist who tends to get in scrapes, you might also benefit from more collision coverage. One way to get more insurance coverage if you have a less-than-clean driving record is to sign up for a defensive driving course—most insurers will give you a discount on your insurance rate if you complete that type of course.

What kind of insurance coverage do you need?


Think about the type of car you drive and the type of driving that you do—this will dictate whether you need full coverage or not. If your principal place of business is in the same area of Los Angeles as your home and you drive a reliable car that you care for, you might not need coverage levels that include a lot of roadside assistance or collision coverage.

If your household includes a teen driver, you might want more collision coverage and roadside assistance. In that case, the best car insurance might not be the cheapest, but the most comprehensive coverage instead.

Where in Los Angeles County will you be living?


Whether your insurer is GEICO, State Farm, or Liberty Mutual, all insurers offer different car insurance rates to different zip codes. this will depend on crime rates in your neighborhood and other criteria, so where you live in the City of Los Angeles may dictate if you get more affordable coverage or not.

Fortunately, there are online tools that allow you to do a rate analysis according to your specific zip code so that you can see the difference between cheaper car insurance rates and more expensive policies. The best way to see all the information and find the best rates is to see them all laid out in a table clearly, and a quick search for relevant online sites can get you just that.

All LA drivers have to fulfill the minimum requirements to get on the road, but by doing a rate comparison and being honest with yourself about your and your family’s insurance needs, you can make smart choices about insurance rates.