When Your Website Needs Captcha?

There are as many as 200 million Captcha test is done every day. Almost every user on the internet has been to these tests and the Captcha is providing one of the best security to the user without any doubt. If you don’t know the Captcha is the acronym of Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The 2captcha, on the other hand, is a service that is used to solve these Captcha.

This is one of the most common tests that prove that if a user is actually using or it is a bot software. Some users are unable to solve these Captcha tests and usually opt for services such as the 2captcha bot app to solve the Captcha. If you are a website owner and security is your preference then Captcha is a must for you.

Origin Of Captcha

It is thought that the concept first raised when someone posed a question to see whether or not the artificial intelligence is capable of thinking as humans or not? It was the beginning of the 20th century and technology was growing and was evolving. There was a game introduced for this purpose.  That was where the interrogator had to guess which user is human and which the user is a robot.

It was done by introducing the series of question which you can still see in modern Captcha. Thus, this was the beginning of modern Captcha.  Though the use of 2captcha bot wasn’t really common because it wasn’t so hard to guess indeed for the user at the start. But over time the use of a 2captcha bot app by user gain popularity when the Captcha got really hard too repetitive.

Your Website And Captcha

So you own a blog, website or an e-commerce store that has good traffic and content for the users you must consider the security because internet is just like the world around us except we don’t really know who is the real one behind this id and trying to reach the database or posting too many comments or posting malicious links which isn’t just harmful for the user but for the website as well. Putting Captcha as security mode can be very helpful because the software bots are used to post the comments or doing multiple signups but as mentioned above they can’t answer the question making the Captcha more effective.

Also, hackers would love to steal important data from your website and the Captcha will make it harder to get into your website through a malicious link. You may have heard about the 2captcha bot but if you think that effectiveness of the Captcha is effected then think again because only the real user will use such services. If you need to use a 2captcha bot app then platforms like Death by Captcha should be your consideration.