When You Should Use A Recruitment Specialist

There is nothing like that step into the unknown when you’re planning a big career change and how/where you work. If you’re planning on upping sticks and moving a few thousand miles away from home for better career opportunities, or your skillset is based within an extremely precise niche, you could find yourself bogged down in the mire trawling through endless listings on the big job sites.


Most of the bigger names tend to cast a wide net in terms of job placements and career opportunities. When it comes to precise job specs and more niche industries, it helps to lean away and look for recruitment specialists. Some people have a slight misconception that a specialist means they’re locked in with a certain mindset for job prospects, but it helps to widen that view and get an idea of why a recruitment specialist may be a better choice than going it alone.


Here are just a few instances when using a recruitment specialist is a better option.


Direct Contact

Do you get annoyed when looking at job listings and the information is so vague that pretty much anyone could have a stab at applying? If you work within a specific industry and hate the fact that most listings are quite evidently provided via a third party, you’ll want to opt for direct contact from a specialist instead.


Let’s take the example of medicine. Say you worked in interventional cardiology. It is a very precise niche within cardiology that a typical recruiter might not know much about. This could see you with opportunities that don’t hit the mark. (Coincidentally, if you are working within medicine and looking for opportunities, I suggest giving Odyssey Recruitment a visit).


When using a specialist, they’ll typically have seen candidates within specialisms before and typically be more clued in with what exactly a candidate (and recruiter) are looking for. And you’ll soon discover they’re not that hard to find with a quick Google. A respectable recruiter will also have direct contact with the employer and some first-hand knowledge to help make the process easier for you.


Recruiters can get you a better deal


When you specialise in a specific industry, demand can be low but well-paying. Many candidates come away with the preconception that this puts them at a disadvantage with employers as they’re hands can be tied to a specific salary within a role. Once again, a specialist recruiter can come into play.


With their knowledge of the industry, and what they’ve managed to secure with other candidates in the past, you’re more likely to get a better deal out of it than going it alone. And because they get paid from securing a position, it’s in their interests to get the best candidates possible for any clients. They’ll never undersell your skills.


Sometimes you just show up


The job hunt can give you all sorts of nerves in terms of prep and having to ready yourself for an interview. Imagine if all you had to do was show up and impress an employer? A dedicated recruitment specialist should have you in that position where you’re ready to go without a problem, scheduling interviews and preparing you for the types of questions you’ll be asked. If your recruiter doesn’t show much interest and you feel like you’re left in the cold before interviews, they’re not working on your behalf.


Getting things officiated


I’ve left this point to last as it is the most important factor for anyone looking to work abroad, regardless of industry. Visas, registration, translated documents, and pretty much anything you need as proof will be hard to track. It is often the easiest thing to get wrong and hinder your chances of landing a dream job on time. Again, a recruitment specialist is your best friend when this happens as they’ll be able to cross the t’s and dot the I’s on your behalf, pointing you in the right direction for getting things signed off and verified. Try and find a recruiter who will do most of this for you to avoid headaches. 


If you take anything away from this, it’s that you should spend less time trawling for jobs and maybe some more looking for a recruitment specialist who will pinpoint things more accurately than you ever could.