When, Where, and Why You Should Wear Matador Meggings?


When it comes to high-performance clothing for men, there lies nothing but an aisle filled with disappointment and hideousness. Meggings are here to redefine the world of men’s fashion by making high-performance clothing more comfortable, more efficient, and sexier at the same time.

Wait. Let’s slow down a bit.

Before dealing with the why, when, and where you should wear meggings, let us give you all some insight into Matador Meggings and what they are all about.

How is Matador Meggings changing the face of men’s fashion?

Men in tights are a visual that the world is deprived of. Barring movies and the gym men can hardly be seen wearing leggings and for a good reason. Most leggings have functional flaws that make them uncomfortable and difficult to carry around in public.

Let us elaborate.

Leggings showcase a visible penis line, which is embarrassing for most men. Even men with perfectly chiseled bodies don’t want their goods on display publicly. This is one of the reasons why men avoid wearing leggings in public and restrict their use in the gym or when they are engaging in specific physical activities. 

Even when it comes to them as gym wear, most leggings are uncomfortable and hold you back from going all out.

Understanding these issues, the founder of Matador Meggings, Valentine Aseyo, introduced the world to comfortable, high-performance and sexy leggings that have been designed in accordance with the male anatomy and called them meggings (because, who doesn’t like puns?).


Why ‘Matador’ Meggings? 

Matadors constitute a breed of men who partake in a death-defying sport while exhibiting poise and grace. There is no other sport that is more gripping or terrifying than bullfighting, yet matadors make it look so easy and elegant at the same time. 

Emblematic of hyper-masculinity, matadors define what is macho and nimble at the same time. They stand as the primary inspiration behind meggings. Matador Meggings blend rugged with ravishing to offer high-performance apparel which is stylish and comfortable at the same time. This brings us to one of the main questions. 

Why Should You Wear Matador Meggings?

After this, you won’t ever wear boring pants again.

Crazily Comfortable

Meggings are specially designed to suit the male anatomy. Besides offering the best and most comfortable fit possible, they come with a host of functional and utility features:

  • Meggings are sweat-wicking which keeps them dry and odor-free for hours even after the most intense workouts.
  • They offer a 4-way stretch and are featherweight. This makes them perfect for everyday wear, sportswear, gym wear, outdoor wear, and party wear.
  • These men’s leggings are made out of premium and silky smooth fabric that is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% Lycra.
  • Meggings are crafted with multiple layers of flatlock stitching. This not only makes them highly durable but also perfect for withstanding differing conditions, like, extreme heat or extreme cold, pool water, seawater, etc. The durability of the fabric will blow your mind. 

Functional AF

When it comes to men’s apparel, functionality is always a top priority. Meggings come equipped with all the right utility aspects to ensure that you can wear your meggings anytime and anywhere. 

  • Meggings are equipped with an open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket to keep your valuables safe. 
  • They are equipped with a towel/ shirt loop at the back to keep your hands free. 
  • All meggings come with an inner drawstring to prevent any crack accidents while you’re doing any kind of activity wearing them. 

Meggings For Every Mood

Why give in to wearing boring pants when you can wear meggings? Fun, vibrant and colorful, meggings come in an assortment of unique designs that go with your every mood. 

Express yourself the way you want to while highlighting the right cuts and curves. Since meggings have been designed specifically for the male anatomy you don’t have to worry about the fit, all you need to focus on is how to channel your inner matador through your favorite pair of meggings. Whether you’re going cycling, partying, hiking, or simply heading out for a walk, meggings are the best things you can choose to wear. Let’s get to the best part.

No VPL Technology

One of the primary apprehensions that men have about wearing leggings is the highlight of their penis line. Depending on your mood and the situation, you might want to show off your goods but not when you’re just chilling or in a room full of strangers. 

Matador Meggings gives you the option of concealing your visible penis line with their no VPL technology. All meggings come with a removable soft modesty cup. This allows you to keep things hidden or not depending on how you feel and where you are. 


Meggings for All Occasions

For years, men have been wearing boring pants to conform to age-old norms that dictate how men of different body types should be dressed up. It is time to break that trend to make pants that are functional, comfortable, and fun at the same time. Meggings are meant for everyone and all occasions. Rock your favorite meggings with a blazer or without it, the choice is completely up to you. Meggings have been made so that men finally have the option of reflecting their mood and personality through their clothing. Choose your meggings based on how you feel or how you would want to make others feel looking at you. 

While Meggings do fit into the category of high-performance athleisure wear for men, restricting them to the gym or specific physical and sports activities is not doing justice to them. Whether it’s a party, a festival, or a simple catch-up with friends, look your absolute best in your favorite pair of meggings. Meant for everyone, don’t allow your body type to stop you from feeling fabulous in meggings. 

Visit matadormeggings today to check out the entire collection of meggings and select your favorite designs and prints. Bid adieu to boring bottoms and say hello to meggings.