When Should You Get Your Pipes Replaced – A HelpFul Tips For You

When someone asks you what you want to be replaced in your home, the pipes that go through your house aren’t the first thing that pops into your mind. That is true for almost everybody but you should really consider and think about that particular part of your home and, as with any homeowner, should always have them looked at and maintained by skilled and professional plumbers, as the pipes in your home can be considered as the blood vessels of the house, delivering water throughout the place and keeping the home running. If not, they could fail on you and that can be a very aggravating and frankly very time-consuming and expensive ordeal. 

But when should you replace your pipes? How many years can you not think about pipes before you need to replace them? What are the signs you look out for to know that it might be time to get yourself some new pipes? The emergency plumbers at Baulkham Hill who respond to these types of emergency calls and provide emergency services to the good people there have given us some tips and help to figure out ways to identify problems with your pipes and if you should consider getting them replaced. 

How Old Are My Pipes? 

With a bit of maintenance, your pipes can last for quite a long time, a couple of decades at the very least, but that’s with property maintenance done to them. In reality, a lot of homeowners fail and neglect their pipes, so they have to change them after a few couple years. But each type of pipe has its own lifespan depending on what it is made of. Have a little walk around your home and see what kind of pipes you have and the table below will say how many years in the life span for each type. 

  • Copper pipes (most common): 70 to 80 years 
  • Brass pipes: 80 to 100 years 
  • Cast Iron pipes: 80 to 100 years 
  • Galvanized pipes: 20 to 80 years 
  • Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC: up to 100 years 

Don’t just look at the pipes. Also, check the pipe joints and other components that connect your pipes together. 


A simple sign you can look out for when deciding if you’re going to replace your pipes is to see if there are any cracks on the pipes themselves. If they are, then you might think “Oh it’s just a small crack. I can just use some sort of sealant and reseal them”. Yes, but that would only be a temporary fix. If not properly handled, more and more cracks will appear, and eventually, your whole pipe can just give out. 

Red with Rust 

Do you ever see your water running with a bit of red or orange to it? If that’s the case maybe it’s time to get some new pipes. The discoloration of the water may have come from rust forming in the interior of the pipes. The emergency plumbers in Bexley say that they received calls that some pipes burst due to mineral deposits within the pipes due to the rust trapping them and creating a blockage thus creating pressure, so much of it that it made the pipes explode. 

Smells like Trouble 

Color in your water isn’t the only indicator that you might need to get your pipes replaced. The plumbers over at Bligh Park say that strong odors in the water coming from the pipes can suggest bacterial growth inside the pipes. These bacteria can put you and your family at risk of being sick and be the cause of some serious illnesses like Legionnaires Disease also known as Pontiac fever. Have your local professional plumber take a look at them if you ever sniff something off about the water coming from the pipes. 

Not Enough Power 

If you’re experiencing a continuous lack of pressure in your sinks, then the problem might be your pipes. Clogs or leaks anywhere within the pipes can cause pressure to drop when it reaches the sinks or showers but also, they can raise pressure on the sites where the clog is found which can result in some pipes blowing up. 

Down the Drain but Slowly 

Same as when you experience low water pressure, slow drainage, no matter how many times you use a plunger, cleaning chemicals, or even using a Plumber’s Snake, can be caused by clogs and mineral build-up in the pipes. 


When you do feel that it is time to get some new pipes laid out throughout the house, always hire trusted, skilled, and professional plumbers because they would know what would be the best for your home and they’ll even give you tips and tricks in maintaining the integrity of your pipes.