When Should I Take Off My Diamond Ring?

Diamond rings stay close to our hearts forever. Especially if it is a gift from our loved ones. 

I have a big diamond engagement rings Phoenix that my partner bought me with love. I also have a shining salt and pepper diamond ring surrounded by beautiful rubies, a family heirloom.

My granny and mom were particular about the care of the diamond ring.

Yes, they cared for it as much as they cared for others. Because diamonds are precious, they are forever.  

If you want your diamond ring not to lose its shine, you have to take some precautions. I will guide you on when to take off the diamond ring if you want it to shine forever. 

Gym & workouts

Heavy workouts like running, weight-lifting make you sweat. While you are concentrating on your exercise, there is a possibility of your diamond ring slipping off your finger. Why take a risk? It is better to keep your diamond ring safe at home while you sweat at the gym. Also, the diamond setting gets disturbed if it is hit by any gym equipment. The diamond falls off the ring if its setting gets altered. I need to be especially careful of my salt and pepper diamond ring. It is more brittle and prone to fracture when compared to solid diamond. So the best bet is to keep it at home when you head to the gym or a walk.

Outdoor camping

My mother was an active trekker and camper. But, she was sure to take off her diamond ring when she went for her adventures. There were two reasons for it. One, she didn’t want the diamond to lose its shine. Second, she wanted to enjoy her trekking and camping activities without being duly worried about her diamond ring.


While swimming, your body is constantly underwater, and it shrinks. You might have noticed the wrinkles on your fingers if it is kept inside the water for long. However well your diamond fits your finger, it may slip when you are swimming. And the sad part is when in water, you do not even realize that the ring has slipped off from the finger.

Also, the chlorine used to clean water is high in chemicals. It is best advisable that you take off the diamond ring before you go swimming. 


It is weird, but I toss and turn around a lot when I sleep. I make sure that I take off my diamond ring and put it safely inside the bedside drawer before hitting the bed. When you are asleep, you have no control over your body movements. Sometimes, your ring gets caught between the duvets and comforters, and you don’t even realize it. The best option is to take off the diamond ring before you go to sleep. 

Showering & washing hands

No, you cannot risk wearing your precious diamond ring while showering. Imagine your diamond ring slipping off your finger and falling down the sink of an open plughole! Water and soaps like shampoo and body wash to make your hands slippery. There is a possibility of your ring slipping, however cautious you may be. Always take off your diamond ring when taking a shower or washing your hands.  


As much as I love to cook, I also love taking care of my diamond ring. Cooking means that your hands are in motion constantly. You chop vegetables, stir ingredients, heat the food, and clean the dishes. The grease from the food soils your diamond ring. Also, the use of heavy utensils and knives may scratch the surface of the ring. Clean solutions have strong chemicals, and you wouldn’t want to harm the diamond in the long run. So, what is the way out? Simple, take off the ring while cooking.   


You use cleaning products to clean your home or car. These products contain harsh chemical agents that cause discoloration or dullness in the ring. Also, wear and tear during the cleaning process may alter the diamond setting. Cleaning, sometimes, is a heavy job. The vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools like scrubs and brushes distort the shape of your ring. Your diamond is precious. Take care of your diamond ring, like I take care of mine.   


Gardening is a heavy job. You work with tools like shovels, hedge shears, and lawnmowers. Your diamond ring may slip off the finger when using the tools. Also, gardening means that you get your hands dirty. Soil enters the tiny gaps in the setting and makes the ring lose its shine. If you have forgotten to take off the diamond ring, it is advisable to always wear gloves. 


If you have a 9 to 5 desk job, you can safely wear your diamond ring. But if you have a job that requires physical activity in some form or the other, like operating on machinery or performing surgeries, it is better to take off your diamond ring. I have a desk job, but I have always felt safe to keep the ring at home. Of course, this is my choice. But sometimes, work may be hectic. So, it is always better to concentrate on the job without worrying about the ring’s safety.

Applying beauty products

Cosmetics and beauty products like lotions, perfumes and body sprays are laden with chemicals. They take the sheen off the diamonds. My salt and pepper diamond ring is unique. I cannot risk discoloring it. Oil & cream-based lotions layer the diamond inhibiting its natural tendency to reflect the light and shine. What use is your diamond ring if it does not shine?

Wrap Up

I hope you now have an idea of when to take off your diamond ring. My mom said to me these golden words,” When in doubt, it is always good to take off your diamond ring.” I follow this to ensure that my diamond rings stay safe with me and keep shining forever. What are your thoughts on keeping your diamond ring safe and shining?