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When Is The Right Time To Prune Your Trees?

Having a garden within your own home is one of the prettiest and most satisfying things that your eyes can witness. But the trees should be taken care of appropriately to maintain that beautiful sight. Hence, pruning is a must for your garden. Now the question comes, what is pruning? Pruning is basically removing dead or diseased branches from trees in order to keep them healthy. 

People tend to get confused between tree trimming and tree pruning, but their purpose is completely different. Trimming is reshaping the trees to make the appearance good, but pruning is a procedure for the maintenance of the trees. Let’s check this out to understand when your trees will need pruning. 

Breaks and Cracks on Branches

You can schedule your pruning in certain intervals, but some signs tell you your trees need pruning. If you see broken or splintering branches on trees after a natural disaster, that is a signal. They can fall anytime, and that could be another disaster. So, pruning is the only feasible option left. 

If you see some cracks on the branches of the tree, then that could be an indication that the branch is diseased or affected by some harmful pesticides. Before that wound spreads throughout the tree, pruning is the best way to go in this case. 

Thickness and Misshapen Appearance

Trees full of leaves can be a treat to the human eyes, but a red flag can lie underneath here. If the trees are going so rapidly that you cannot see through the branches, then that is a warning. The tree has created a canopy on the upper surface which prevents the sunlight from being exposed to the rest of the tree. Sometimes trees develop unusual shapes that cause imbalance. 

Some part becomes very crowded while the other branches remain nearly bare. This unusual weight distribution lends to the weakening of the tree, and the heavy branches can break off anytime. To avoid the disaster it can cause, pruning will be the best option to opt for. 

Growth in Unusual Directions

We often see that some of the branches of a tree are heading toward a building. Sometimes low-hanging branches obstruct roads too. As experts from A Plus Tree and Land Management suggest, we can prune those obstructing trees as per our requirements to get rid of this trouble. If you see such intruding branches, especially after rain, quickly arrange to prune them. 

Congested Branches and Dead Limbs

When the branches o the trees become overcrowded, a collision between them is apparent. So, pruning is necessary to relieve this collision and make space for the other branches to grow. 

Other than that, you will find multiple dead limbs of trees after drought because trees tend to get nutrients from the unwanted parts of themselves. Due to this, deadwood gets formed that needs immediate pruning. 

Bottom Line 

In order to keep the visual pleasure as it is, trees would need some maintenance too. So, if you want to keep your trees healthy, do understand when it needs pruning. Hope this article can help you with that. For further information, you may contact tree removal in northern suburbs Adelaide.