When is The Right Time to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

A car accident is really frustrating thing for anyone to experience. Some collisions are quite drastic where the car is totaled or badly damaged and people are severely injured. Sometimes even small car accidents prove to be quite a hassle. In all these circumstances having an expert car accident attorney with you, reduces your stress level by letting them handle the legal matters.

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The right time to call a lawyer after a car accident-

  • A car accident happens when one person is at fault or sometimes many are at fault. Whatever may be the causes, there are surely legal matters to deal with. Sometimes, it is not clear who caused the accident. Hiring a skilled attorney right away is a good option.
  • The more serious the injury the sooner one should consult an attorney.
  • There were other people involved in the mishap like pedestrians, cyclists or bikers.
  • The car collision wasn’t investigated by police.
  • Insurance companies are creating issues regarding insurance claims. 

The situations when you don’t need to hire a lawyer-

  • The vehicle has minor scratches, or the damage can be easily rectified by using the insurance money.
  • You and the other people in the car didn’t endure any injury, thus didn’t need any kind of medical attention.
  • You and your passengers needn’t have to take leave from work because there were no injuries.
  • Your injury is minor, and you can settle the case without lawyer assistance.

The benefits of hiring a reliable and experienced attorney –

  • You can focus on recovering from your injuries and can let your attorney worry about your injury claims.
  • Insurance companies usually try to settle for the lowest amount possible. One incentive for the insurer to pay more with a lawyer is to avoid litigation costs and the scrutiny of a jury.
  • You gain confidence as there is a person or team of lawyers to assist you in dealing with legal issues. They act as the navigator in such situations and fight for maximum compensation money.

Information needed to provide your lawyer:

  • Personal information details and the other passengers if any.
  • Detailed version of your accident. It can be covered in a phone call is more convenient.
  • Medical records and medical bills of yours and other passengers.
  • Witness contact details.
  • Photos that were taken at the accident spot and of your damaged vehicle.
  • Any car insurance information.

If you are going to retain an attorney for a car accident claim, always get a local attorney with experience in car crash compensation.