When is the best and worst time to buy a used car?

There is nothing like a used car when you would like to save some money, but in case of a new car, you can quickly be overwhelmed to realize that you may have overpaid for it. A used car is one of the smartest purchases that most people make, one that usually stays with them through years and no monthly payments. Nobody wants the joy of driving a car to be invalidated by the pain of paying too much for it. That is why visit us to export of Used Cars from Japan at best price.


Fortunately, there are many good deals when it comes to buying a car. There are rebates, zero interest payments and other ways to save. Understood shoppers can find a quality car at a good price, especially if they choose the right times to visit the showroom.

Buying a car is one of those rare occasions when lack of resolution can be a good thing. You can find some of the best offers if you wait until the end of the month or, better yet, the end of the year.

Most dealers work with a monthly bonus system, for which they receive a bonus check if they meet certain monthly sales goals. If they are about to reach that goal two or three days before the end of the month, there is an additional incentive for the dealer to make another sale. For example, if they lack a car to reach a bonus of $ 2,000, it would be worth it to reduce $ 1,000 or even $ 1,500 of the price.

However, if a dealer has had a particularly good sales period and has reached the bonus number before the month ends, the main motivation to cut prices has been eliminated. So, it is possible that the same dealer that offers discounts at the end of one month does not yield the price the following month.

A better option would be to wait until the end of the year when there could be much better incentives for dealers to negotiate. The annual sales bonuses are significantly higher than the monthly ones. So, again, if a dealership is about to reach a sales target that creates a substantial bonus, there is an incentive to cut $ 2,000 or $ 3,000 from the price. The dealer of the used card will help you save money so buy Used Cars from Japan to save shipping cost.

In addition, dealers are sometimes desperate to liquidate the batch of models that year to make room for the latest and most important offers, which usually begin in September and October. Unlike wine, new cars that have not been sold do not age well. When you turn the calendar, all those vehicles are already one year old. However, they are still basically new cars with almost no miles traveled. Unless a manufacturer has made a major design change with a model, the practical difference in cars from year to year is slight. But the difference in price can be significant.

The worst time of the year to buy a car, particularly a used one, could be in the spring. Tax return checks arrive and people start driving more as the winter weather disappears. With additional cash in hand and warmer days to come, more people are looking to buy a car. And more buyers mean more opportunities for dealers to sell without having to offer discounts.

Like most products, the price of a car depends in part on whether it is a market of the buyer or seller. As long as dealers have an additional incentive to sell, that is the best time to buy.

If you are thinking of buying your first car or renewing the one you have, it is important that you consider what are the best and worst dates to buy cars for less price. As long as it is not an urgent need, waiting days or months before buying a car can save a lot of money.


Best timeto buy a car:

There are specific times of the month, week and year when the price of cars is lower, or you can find more offers. These are the best times of the year to buy a car:


  1. At the end of the month

The last days of the month you can get better prices. Dealers usually have monthly sales goals and, depending on how the consecution of these goals goes, they may be more willing or not to offer better deals.


  1. At the end of the year

Following the same logic, when it comes to closing the year, dealers may be more pressured to lower prices. December can therefore be a good month to buy a car at a good price.


  1. Cars “kilometer zero”

If dealers fail to reach their sales target, they often choose to self-enroll units. These cars would be the “zero kilometer”, which are cars that have not been used and come out with much more competitive prices. The best months to buy this type of cars are January and February.


  1. Day of the week

According to a TrueCar study, the day of the week also influences prices. The study tells us that Monday is the best day of the week to buy a vehicle, with average discounts of 8.1 percent, and Thursday was the second-best day to buy. The reason is the lower demand these days, since most prefer to go on weekends to look and compare.


  1. When a model is renewed

Sometimes dealers offer temporary discounts to get a model out of the market. If you are thinking of buying a model that has been on the street for several years, keep in mind that four years after its launch it is likely that a new model will be taken out and its price drops.


The worst time of the year to buy a car:


There are certain times when, according to experts, the purchase prices of cars go up. These are the worst times of the year to buy a car but it won’t affect if you buy a used car which you can buy any time of the year just visit us and export Used Cars from Live Japanese Auctions, contact us today.


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