When Is PS6 Coming Out?

It’s just one year after the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and people have already started to think about the PlayStation 6. Sony Interactive Entertainment has always been successful to create expectations in people’s minds. Before the release of PS5, there was also similar types of excitement regarding the release of the gaming console. People had a huge curiosity regarding the release, pre-order,         and other information regarding the PS5. However, after the release of PS5, when people are satisfied with PS5 as it is the fastest and best gaming console that Sony could offer, now the expectation has raised significantly. People are now asking the same questions that they asked for PS5 before its release. Although it is too early to properly inform you about the release date of PS6, in this article, we will definitely help you to have an idea about the release date and essential features of PS6.

When Is PS6 Coming Out?

In order to guess the probable release date of PS6, we need to understand the gap between the release date of the two PlayStations. The year gap between PS1 and PS2 was 6 years. Again, PS3 was released after 7 years of the release of PS2. All the next PlayStations up to PS5 were released after every 7 years. Following this tradition, we can hope that the PS6 will be released in 2027 as Sony released PS5 in 2020. However, the way technology is developing day by day, we may witness an early release of the PS6.

Sony has already announced that they will release up to PS10 for sure. Therefore, there is certainly no doubt about whether Sony will release further any gaming console or not. You will surely have the PS6 after a few years. However, you may also get a redesigned version of the PS5 before the release of the next gaming console.

After every two to three years of the launch of a gaming console, Sony provides a redesigned or slim version of that console. So, around 2023, you can have PS5 pro or PS5 slim.

Expected Features of the PS6:

Many game lovers are curious to know about the price of the PS6. As the price of the last few gaming consoles were around $400 to $500, the price of the PS6 will be approximately around $600. However, depending on the market movement and competition from the rival companies, the price can slightly differ. Considering PS6 specs, we can expect that we will have an SSD, 8K display, and many times more powerful graphics card in the PS6 than the PS5. A more capable CPU can also be expected for the PS6. Above all, we will have a gaming console with smooth performance, multi-tasking ability, and fast loading times.

We probably have to wait three to four years from now to have a concrete idea about the PS6. We can expect getting news around 1.5 years to 2 years before the launch of the next PlayStation. Till then, we can only enjoy gaming with the PS5 and hope for the PS6.