When Is Google Ads Right for Your Landscape or Design/Build Firm?

Ignoring the importance of online marketing would be a costly setback for your growing design/build company and so would fail to evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen marketing strategy. So, what is the best way to approach marketing your landscape or construction services online? When used properly, digital marketing, including Google Ads(PPC), can be very effective for landscape, pool, and kitchen & bath contractors. Here’s how to use Google Ads in conjunction with the rest of your strategy.

Why Content Marketing is the Foundation.

Creating entertaining and educational content—pictures, videos, and articles—should be central to your online marketing strategy and can help a good PPC campaign because properly written content can ultimately convert a web browser into a buyer. Primarily, its job is to attract browsers, as frequently uploaded content that is relevant to your target audience supports the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts of your website to land it toward the top spot in a Google search.

Educational and informative content in the form of case studies or blogs also builds trust and respect for your brand while establishing your company as an industry leader. It will have people seeking you out with future inquiries, and registration forms on blog posts can provide you with useful contact information of potential customers. In order to create content at the caliber that reflects the level of skills of your educated and experienced team, a marketing agency would have to be highly specialized for the construction industry.

When Google Ads (PPC) Can Be Helpful for Contractors and Remodelers.

While content marketing and careful SEO ensure your website is visible to anyone looking for a contractor, there are also ways to reach potential customers who aren’t actively searching for a business like yours. PPC advertising, specifically Google Ads, places you in potential customers’ line of sight during this crucial time..

Google Ads for Landscapers prove their worth whenever people search for local businesses similar to yours. Google Ads, on both the desktop and mobile platforms, enables ads for your businesses to show up at the top of search results whenever a potential client does a search for the services you offer—using location-based targeting of course. This means that when customers want to find a landscaping company using a local search, for instance, a well-planned SEO strategy can be bolstered by having Google Ads advertise the keywords that aren’t quite ranking organically just yet.  Both will make your company stand out on the page, and in conjunction, they will be hard for a customer to miss. In fact, studies show that you can significantly increase the click-through rate when you have both organic and paid results on the same page.

When Is Google Ads Right for Your Contracting Company?

There are various benefits to designating marketing dollars toward PPC ads; however, it’s impossible to reap their full benefits when using them in isolation. Google Ads are only a good option for a company with a well-rounded marketing strategy. By using Google Ads in conjunction with proper SEO, paid Facebook and Instagram Ads with retargeting, and content production, you can make sure that you cover all your online bases so that, regardless of customer behavior, your company is there to drive their decision-making.