When Does Child Support End in Canada?

Child support is often considered one of the most fundamental rights of children. When the parents get separated, child support becomes a very important issue.

In most cases, one of the parents needs to facilitate the child support to their children. Sometimes, both parents may have to contribute to child support charges in Canada.  

But once you start paying the child support, you may wonder when does the child support end in Canada? Let us find out the answer to this question in the following writing. Keep reading.

What is Exactly Child Support in Canada?

Usually, after the separation of the parents, they need to support their children financially and economically. According to Canada’s child support law, regardless of the parents being together or separated, they need to provide financial and other benefits continuously to their children.

All of these together are known as child support in Canada. Child support is considered the fundamental right of a child. However, how much a child will get as financial benefits will completely depend on several factors. Such as the lifestyle of the parents, the monthly income of the parents, and so on.

Factors That Determine the Child Support Amount:

Generally, all children are legally entitled to the child support payment from their parents. But there are some factors that determine the child support amount. When parents need to deal with child support payments, one of the most common questions they ask is, how much do they have to pay?

Basically, there are some fundamental factors that primarily determine the child support amount. Those factors are as follows:

  • The monthly income of the parents
  • Children’s residency agreement
  • The number of dependent children
  • The territory or state you are living in.
  • Provincial income tax
  • The average lifestyle of the parents etc.

Primarily, these are the basic factors that help in the child support calculation. However, when someone needs to deal with the child support payment, in reality, they need to abide by the Child Support Guidelines. Sometimes, those guidelines will help you understand how much you need to pay for child support.

Tax Implication on the Child Support Payment:

Once the child support agreement has been made, both parents need to come to a mutual ground. Then the court will determine how much they have to pay for child support. After that, the issue of tax implications will take place.

It is quite common for the recipient and the payer to be concerned about the tax implication. But fortunately, child support payments are not taxed as income in Canada. Also, the payer does not need to pay any tax for child support payments. In other words, this payment is not deductible by the payer in Canada.

When Does Child Support End in Canada?

Once you start paying the child support, you may wonder how long you would have to continue paying. Usually, when your children turn 19 years old, you no longer have to pay child support anymore. Because when your child is 19, they are considered an adult.

And child support is only entitled to the children. However, there are some other factors that may make you pay the child support for a longer time. When your children are unable to take care of themselves, because of any particular disability or illness, in that case, you may need to facilitate them financially for a longer time.

Can the Child Support End Before the 19 Years Old?

The answer to this question is yes, child support can end before the child turns 19. There are several reasons for which child support can be discontinued. One of the common reasons is when the child will marry or when the child will be financially independent.

In those following cases, the parents are not obliged to pay the child support anymore. Moreover, in some cases, the child leaves the house for family violence, bad living condition, or some other reasons; in those cases, the parents are not obligated to pay the child support.

Bottom line:

Dealing with child support in Canada can be stressful and complex at the same time. Especially when the child turns 19, some further issues can be raised regarding child support. That is why it is a very good idea to talk to a professional child support lawyer.

When you get legal guidance from the lawyer, it will be easier for you to understand the entire child support case. Hopefully, this writing helped you to get answers to your questions.