When Do You Need a Civil Rights Lawyer?

Civil rights lawyers are there to protect the rights of civilians. The constitution has defined the rights of its citizens, and the lawyers make sure that they are protected at all times. Atlanta civil rights lawyers and many other similar firms are responsible for protecting the rights of citizens by defending them in court. Civil rights cases can be extremely complex at times, and that is why you need experienced lawyers on your side. In addition, many citizens are often confused about when is the right time to get in touch with a civil rights lawyer; the following are a few instances where you should consider hiring a civil rights lawyer.

Employer Discrimination

An employer shouldn’t discriminate based on color, caste, gender, or religion. This is the basic clause that is stated in your employment contract. It is always advised to go through the employment contract thoroughly before signing, or else there will be nothing much that your lawyer will be able to do. Likewise, an employer shouldn’t discriminate just because of your religious beliefs or the choices you make in your life. If you are being treated differently at the workplace, you should hire a civil rights lawyer.

Workplace Harassment

Racial slurs or workplace harassment are becoming very common. These things have no place in a work environment, but unfortunately, this has become part of the work culture. If you or anyone you know is facing or has ever faced workplace harassment, it is okay to call a civil rights lawyer. A lawyer will file a case on your behalf, make sure the culprit is known to the law, and then process according to what the law entails.

False Arrest

If you are arrested in a false case, you can demand compensation. In the United States, we have seen several arrests made based on racial disparity or biases. If you have been booked in a false case, you have the right to get yourself an attorney that will defend you in court. In this case, a case will be registered against the police, and your attorney will present the evidence to prove your innocence in court. When you are proven innocent, your attorney will file for compensation based on the space allowed in the law.

Inmate Abuse

Even if you are in custody, you have certain rights that the state must ensure you are provided with. For example, if you are denied medical treatment or are a victim of an assault while in custody, your civil rights lawyers can plead in court. Action can be taken against the detention center or the prison you are placed in. Even in custody, you are a state citizen, and the constitution will provide you protection against any discrimination.

These are a few instances where you might need a civil rights lawyer. However, if you are confused about whether you need a lawyer, it is always better to consult one. The lawyer will inform you of all the available options and then choose your course of action.