When Do You Get An Auto Glass Replacement?

Most cracks on your windshield are often mistaken to mean an outright replacement, but oftentimes, that is not the solution. This article will highlight the various damages that can happen to your vehicle and when to spot the perfect time for an auto glass replacement Poway. Whether you have questions or not, read on to know when to replace or repair your windshield.

How do you know when to repair or replace your auto glass

There are so many factors determining when to repair or replace your windshield. So, before you budget auto glass replacement in Clairemont, consider these factors as you might need a repair, not a replacement.

1. Depth

This factor determines the possible repair or replacement of a windshield. Generally, auto glass has three layers: the inside glass layer, the outside glass layer, and the plastic layer. The plastic layer is always in between the other two layers. If an accident happens, the first thing to check is the depth of the damage. If the damage penetrates as far as the inner layer, then repair is not advised but a replacement.

2. Position

The location of the damage on the windshield is another major factor that distinguishes a repair or replacement. If there is a crack very close to the frame, the recommended option will be to replace the windshield. Even if the depth is not close to the inner glass, if it is near the frame, there is no other alternative than to make an auto glass replacement Poway. Also, if the damage is at the driver’s line of sight, then it is also recommended to do a complete replacement.

3. Size

When the size of the damage is just an inch, it would not require replacement but repair. However, it has already started showing signs of spreading, and it is about 3 inches wide, so it is best to make a total replacement to avoid any future accidents. Hence, the chip size matters when deciding on auto glass replacement.


So you see, these three factors will determine if you need to budget auto glass replacement in Clairemont or if you just need a repair. It is essential that you don’t cut costs when you need to replace by repairing as it could be risky to the safety of the driver and every other person in the vehicle.


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