When And Where Should You Send Your Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom?

Finding the perfect wedding gifts for bride and groom is a challenge. However, after choosing the best gift for the special day, there are other wedding gift etiquette rules that most guests find confusing. Two of the most frequently asked questions are when should the gifts be sent, and more importantly, where should they go?

If you ask the same question, don’t worry you’re not alone! For wedding guests that are unsure of when and where to send gifts like a personalized family name lightbox or an Our Family Personalized Wall Art piece, here’s a quick and complete guide you can follow:

The Best Wedding Gift Timeline

There are different opinions on when exactly is the best time to send the wedding gift, mostly it depends on where you are, but there are general rules that can be applied to all. The ideal timeframe between relieving the wedding invitation until the first three months after the wedding. While this timeline is helpful, it still leaves a great deal of time in between, especially if the wedding isn’t happening within the next few months.

Wedding etiquette experts agree that the ideal time to send a gift is about two weeks before the day. This way the couple can incorporate the gifts within their homes before they leave for their honeymoon, and their house will be ready for their new life as a married couple as soon as they arrive.

If you’re still confused and worried about the timing, just remember: the sooner, the better rule, especially for big-ticket items. However, better late than never can also be applied if there’s a good reason why you can’t send the wedding gift within the three-month period after the wedding day.

Where Should Wedding Gifts Be Sent?

On to the other big question: where should the gifts be sent? If you’re planning to send the gifts well in advance, it is best to ask the couple where they prefer their wedding presents to be sent. In many cases, if they have a gift registry, the shop where they have registered takes care of all the delivery details, so you don’t have to worry.

If you are planning to get personalized and sentimental wedding gifts for bride and groom you may have to plan ahead and ask for the couple’s preference for delivery time and place. Don’t forget to consider that the couple might be moving to a new place after the wedding and your gift can get lost along the way if you don’t have their new address.

The Size of The Gift Matters!

There are some instances where guests will bring the wedding present on the day of the wedding. There is nothing wrong with choosing to do this. In fact, many venues will set up a gift table in anticipation of guests bringing their gifts on the day.

If you plan to do this, consider how large the gift will be. No one wants to deal with a giant refrigerator or antique furniture in the venue on their wedding day. If you’re opting for smaller gifts, such as a personalized wind chime or chopping board, you can bring it on the day.


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