Buy Smart Wheelchair in Bangladesh – New Hope for Disabled Person

Wheelchair is a type of wheelchair. This chair is for those who cannot move normally. Wheelchairs are usually used by people with disabilities. So that they can go from one place to another place.People with disabilities move from one place to another by pushing the wheel of a wheelchair with their own hands or by automatically moving the chair with the help of an electric motor. It does not require the help of any other person. Price of the wheelchair is now affordable in many countries including Bangladesh, India and other areas.

Types of wheelchairs

Wheelchairs have many parts. There are some wheelchairs that have to be operated by applying force with the help of hands. Wheelchairs can also be operated using advanced technologies such as computer vision, robotics, modern machine learning, folding manual, inflexible manual and cloud computing technology. Although advanced technology wheelchairs are costly, they can transport a disabled person to a specific destination on their own.

What a smart wheelchair

A smart wheelchair is a power wheelchair that collects information about a driver’s behavior and interaction with their environment. No driver is required to control the device in a separate way by controlling everything with sensors and cameras.

Why is it important?

PWC can increase its access activity with technology to improve its ability to navigate the environment. With the information collected by smart wheelchairs, therapists can evaluate a client’s ability to manage PWC safely.

What a smart wheelchair for doctors?

A wheelchair can complement a doctor’s thinking power or decision. Smart wheelchair clients can observe for themselves how they work with their PWC on a daily basis. The key is to teach or train clients how to operate this smart chair.

What kind of smart wheelchair technology is commercially available?

Bridge mobility is a device that can turn a wheelchair into a smart wheelchair. The Bridge Sentina and Hydra are blind spot sensors that can be easily installed in any wheelchair and provide auditory, visual and / or vibrational responses that make the user aware of different locations.

Use of wheelchairs

The wheelchair has to be rotated with the help of a manual wheelchair arm and the electric wheelchair motor can be operated directly with the help of a remote control which will help you to move faster. The most important part of a wheelchair is the brakes that will help you stop at certain points. The brake levers are usually on either side of the wheels.


Before using a wheelchair, make sure you know what type of seat will be most comfortable for you. Wheelchair seats are usually made of cushions or blankets in the backrest. Materials used to make wheelchair seats can be flexible fabric or hardwood. If you find it difficult to sit upright, you can use an extra soft blanket or pillow.

Move back and forth

To move the wheelchair back and forth, you need to be prepared, such as using the wheelchair handlebars with both hands to move your hands from your body to your face and apply pressure to the front. If you have an electric wheelchair, there are different types of controls. These controls can be either mini joystick that will keep you moving forward. Then place your fingers on the touchpad and drag it away from you, pointing your finger at the touchpad to move it in the direction you want it to be, or use the switch to move it forward.

Stand Wheelchair:

A stand wheelchair is a state-of-the-art wheelchair that allows the user to sit-up and lifts the chair to a specific position. With the advent of this type of electric wheelchair, many patients with leg and foot disabilities or stroke hemiplegia may achieve the dream of standing. This wheelchair can help the user to practice lying down and standing.

Baby Wheelchair:

Baby wheelchairs are used to keep children physically fit or to keep them moving. These wheelchairs are suitable for 1-year-old children. It is comfortable to use and strengthens the muscles of the body.

Medical wheelchair:

The wheelchairs used for medical work include premium swing-down leg resets in the Medical Blue Stroke that is easy to carry. There are 18-inch padded seats for comfortable movement.

Wheelchair Price in Bangladesh:

Wheelchair price depends on the technology implemented and the body materials. At present, the prices of all the wheelchairs have come down in Bangladesh, and the starting price is only 55 USD.

Wheelchair Name Wheelchair Price
Kaiyang KY809-46 High Strength Resistant Wheel Chair ৳ 4,999
Kaiyang KY119Z-46 Smart Electric Wheel Chair ৳ 79,999
Kaiyang KY809-46 High Strength Aging Resistant Wheel Chair ৳ 4,999
Digital Sitting Weight Scale Chair ৳ 39,999
Self Propelled Heavy Duty Wheelchair ৳ 7,300