WhatsApp API is Now in India

WhatsApp now seems to have more than 2 billion users worldwide. It has become so popular that even iPhone users are now spending more time on this App than their normal iMessage. People now prefer to chat over the phone rather than calling each other, and many have their daily social circle via WhatsApp groups.

This App has undoubtedly become the top 5 most daily used Apps of most people. Now, small and medium businesses are growing in India, and it’s seen that many are using different platforms to reach their customers. Hence, WhatsApp’s new API feature becomes the best option for all of them.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg saw the opportunity here and decided to buy the App. 

What was the opportunity?

Businesses are turning this platform to connect with their customers and advertise and sell through it. There’s an excellent potential for companies to bring their businesses to this platform, especially now it has a payment option and WhatsApp API with it. 

What’s an API? It’ll be explained later, but why is WhatsApp preferred over other Apps?

People use many Apps in their daily life, but messaging apps are the most preferred ones. Why is that so? Well, the answer is simple as follow:

  • The majority of people open their messenger apps many times a day. WhatsApp being the easiest, most convenient one, has become the main App for many.
  • Mobile message apps see an open rate of 98% and emails just 20%. It helps in avoiding cluttered mail and establishing a direct connection with your customers.

  • Messaging allows for a faster reaction to customer requests. It helps in increasing the conversion rates.
  • Interacting with customers has now become more accessible and faster. The exchange of files, pictures, and information has now become more manageable.

What is WhatsApp API?

The API stands for Application Programming Interface, allowing businesses to receive and answer unlimited messages from customers on WhatsApp. The App introduced WhatsApp Business for small and medium business owners, and it was a success.

But, there was no means to interact with many customers efficiently, so the API was launched soon. Facebook introduced WhatsApp Business API in August 2018 that is a scalable solution tailored to the needs of medium/large businesses.

You can start your business in WhatsApp in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose a solution provider (a customer messaging software)
  • create your WhatsApp Business account
  • Let your customer know they can reach you on WhatsApp

What happens when you choose this service?

  1. Business profile: When you sign up, your account is automatically created and listed as a business account. Customers can chat and give orders for your service.
  1. A great messaging tool: The App helps in automated answering and data collection like any other software and helps the business understand its customers and needs.
  1. End-to-end encryption and data privacy: It is crucial to protect your customers’ data, which WhatsApp does fantastically by a new contact channel.
  1. Reasonable price: WhatsApp does charge a very negligible amount for their service. There is a free limit of messages you can send, and after that, there is a minimum charge for each message, which is not even 1/10 of a dollar.

WhatsApp introduces new features on its platform, like an online wallet where you can pay via WhatsApp and keep money in a digital wallet. By choosing this method and WhatsApp’s API, you can grow your business faster and expand to new areas and new customers.