What’s VBargain?and It’s Main Functionalities.

VBargain, an essential element for your e-commerce store kit. Woo commerce has become talk of town for all ecommerce shops developed and designed on WordPress. This open-source plugin has taken the whole ecommerce world into it’s aww. There are many plugins developed in support of woo commerce, and those custom plugins have played a vital role in making shopping easy. But there was a need for some bargaining or negotiation functionality in WordPress woo-commerce plugin. This issue urged with the rapid evolution of the eCommerce industry. So a question arises “What’s a WordPress plugin?” The answer is simple: everything that solves our problems and makes our hurdles easy is a google analytics WordPress plugin. So here is the most awaited and much-needed plugin for woo commerce VBargain.

What’s VBargain?

VBargain is an AI-based ecommerce plugin. VBargain is a plugin designed and developed to make shopping fun and also easy while getting the point of view of the customer while making their bond with the brand. It basically provides the bargaining and negotiation facility while keeping it simple yet traditional and integrating it into woo commerce’s functionality. VBargain is a plugin curated with love for Digital Marketing agencies.

VBargain’s concept of woo commerce shop is much enhanced and also a usual one while keeping the things very informal. This concept has revolutionized the ecommerce store’s functionality.

Let’s discuss the key features of VBargain:

  • Negotiable pricing
  • Price might be less than the mentioned one, making a win-win situation for both consumer and the owner.
  • Owner can have direct interaction with the consumer during the purchase process.
  • Consumers and owners can have a B2B deal with VBargain.
  • Owner can also have the traditional negotiation.
  • Consumers can suggest the price according to their own budget.
  • It will boost the sales as the customer loyalty increases with it.

Main Functionality:

The consumer on visiting the store and looking for the price section, can have the option to negotiate in 2 different modes while going for a minimal price. These 2 modes are:

  1. Smart Bargain
  2. Traditional Bargain

Smart Bargain:

The smart bargain functionality of VBargain woo commerce plugin comprises the proposed price and the client’s contact email for reply. This keeps the negotiation minimal between the sellar and the buyer. This also saves the time of both entities by accepting or rejecting the proposed offer by the buyer.

Traditional Bargain:

The owner, anytime can take over the conversation and turn it into the traditional bargaining. This allows the consumer and the owner of the ecommerce store to directly interact with each other, allowing the exchange of ideas and also the budget. This also makes consumer brands loyal and also helps the owner to build the trust of their online store.

AI Bargain:

This option will be available to the storefront who have used the invention for traditional and

smart bargaining for 6 to 8 months to allow the system to gather buyers and product sales data. 

In this option the store owner does not need to set price options for their products, the AI engine

will use the store sales data, buyer’s shopping and bargaining behavior, and data available from

other stores to search all merchants selling a particular product at the time when the buyer is

negotiating, the system will then suggest the price based on the hidden range of price tolerance

and the AI based collected data. The buyer will be then able to use either Traditional or Smart

Bargaining options to get a better price.


This ecommerce plugin is perfectly compatible with woo commerce wordpress plugin. This also allows the other wordpress membership plugin to work with it. Also, the wordpress translation plugin is in direct compatibility with the VBargain plugin. WordPress plugin development is not an issue while developing an ecommerce woo commerce based online store..

Setup and Configuration

To enable the bargaining no your store:

  • Go to Product > Edit product and Check the “Show Custom Fields” box to enable bargaining option on that product as shown in above.
  • You will add 1st, 2nd and 3rd bargain prices against which a customer can send a bargain request.
  • In traditional bargaining, a customer will send a bargain request by giving his best price for the product and then that request will go to the admin for review. It will be up to the admin to accept or reject the bargain request.

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