What’s the Right Dosage of CBD Oil for Dogs?

When it comes to determining the right dosage of CBD oil for your dog, you may be confused. Medicating your dog with the right quantity of CBD is not that easy. First of all, the CBD oil for dogs made by different companies comes with different dosing guidelines. It depends upon the concentration of CBD in the oil that they produce. Besides, the dosage will also differ depending on the ailment condition that you want to treat in your dog. For example, if your dog has a serious health condition, then a higher dose is recommended as compared to a less serious health condition like general well-being or occasional anxiety.

Along with the above two important points, you also need to consider your dog’s weight and other underlying health issues.

As you don’t get any standard guidelines on what is the right dosage of CBD oil that you should be offering your dog, the comprehensive guidelines in this article can help you guide on whether you are treating your dog with the right quantity of oil or not. You should be always checking on the packaging carefully to make sure that you are given the recommended amounts by the company.

It is advisable that do not be too confused in determining the right CBD dosage for your dogs, you can refer here: https://www.healthcanal.com/best/cbd-dog-treats. Also, don’t let this deter you from offering the ultimate health benefits that your dog can enjoy from this medicine.

CBD oil benefits for dogs

Before discussing more on the right dosage of CBD oil, let’s first discuss what is the health condition in dogs that can be treated with CBD oil.

  • Stress and anxiety disorder
  • Moderate to a severe pain disorder
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Nausea
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Digestion problems 

How much CBD oil should you give to your dogs?

The best approach to using CBD oil is, just start on with a small dosage and then change it to the manufacturers’ guidelines on dosage for particular products.

A few companies that make their own high-quality CBD, often provide you with detailed product instructions and the right dose for their different products. But at the same time, not all companies do the same. so, it is better to know how to calculate the right amount of CBD dosage for your dog.

CBD dosage basics

The CBD oils are always given in drops. But, the right number of drops required for a dose may vary amongst different products. In general, the dosage consists of 2-4 drops 2-4 times a day. The dosage can also be adjusted depending upon your pet size and the health condition of your dog. 

On the other hand, the CBD capsules consist of 5-20mg of CBD in each capsule.

Again, the number of capsules required for a dose varies from product to product. But in general, one tablet is consumed 1-2 times per day.

Besides, oils and capsules the dog treats also come in varying CBD concentrations and must be given to your dog as per the instructions provided in the package.

Whenever you are using any kind of CBD for treating your pets, it is highly recommended that you follow the dosing instructions that are provided in the product package, observing your dog’s response and then reducing or increasing the dosage as required.

How to give CBD oil to your dogs

The ideal way of giving CBD oil to your pets is to give it to their mouth directly and ideally under their tongue. But as we all know dogs are not quite keen on taking medicine. But just be patient and also be a bit tricky too. Remember that even if your dog doesn’t want to take it at first but they often get used to the routine of taking the medicine. 

In case you are facing trouble in giving CBD oil to your dog, just consider treating your dog with their favorite treats only after they take the medicine. This technique works well with most dogs.

Dosage with CBD capsules

Compared to the CBD oils, capsules are a bit easier to administer to your dogs. The ways of giving it to your pets are like, you can open the capsule and then mix its ingredients to your pet’s daily food. Or, you may also wrap the capsule in a treat for the dog’s food. In either of the two ways, the important thing is to make sure that your dog gets the entire contents inside the capsule to ensure that your dog is getting the right dose.

Dosage with CBD treats

The dosage of CBD treats depends upon the weight of your dog. In general. A 20lbs dog can be given one treat per day as a regular dose.

Final thoughts

Although a lot of points are discussed above about the right dosage of CBD oil for dogs but do remember that these are only basic guidelines. These guidelines may vary depending upon various factors Like; the size of your pet, the severity of their health condition, and the brand of the product that you are using for your pet.