What’s The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Shoes?

When you are looking for a new pair of shoes to purchase, you can think that any neutral color can be used, without even checking if you are getting some footwear designed for women or men. This factor actually plays a major role in the fundamental characteristics of the shoes you are getting, not only women and men can have different foot sizes, but there are other physiologic variations that you may need to consider. As mentioned above, the sizing method is different for each sex, meaning that if you are getting one size in male shoes, you will actually need another size when purchasing a female model. 

Remember that if you buy a pair of unisex shoes, they usually stick to men’s sizing. However, there are even more factors to take into consideration to make a wise purchase and avoid a waste of money. Continue reading this article and gather all the information you need before buying your next pair of shoes.

Distinction in sizes

A fact that often surprises people, is that sizing methods are different depending if you buy male or female footwear. It is important to keep in mind that women’s shoes are usually smaller and narrower, featuring a standard width B when buying running shoes, while male shoes are ½ size bigger (in the UK, it changes from country to country) and have a width D on running shoes. This does not mean that you cannot buy men’s shoes as a woman, but you do need to be careful and make the size conversion before placing your order.

External look

Since men have a different bone structure than females, this needs to be also addressed in the manufacturing of footwear. Generally speaking, a man will have considerably wider bones and feet, and as a result we will see that shoes fitted for him will be far wider. While women’s shoes are in contrast petite, narrow and the shapes tend to be more delicate due to an aesthetic reason as well. Then, besides having broader and larger models for males, their shoes tend to cover the feet completely, whereas femenine-footwear designers often focus on providing a heel-tapered shape.

Typical models you can find in women and men’s shoes

Depending on your gender, there are many good looking shoes that you can rock, and it might be useful to know the terms so you can make an informed purchase. If you take a look at the men’s shoes section, you will notice a lot of models featuring awesome plain-toes, cap-toes, moc (apron) toes, bicycle toes or wingtips. Among the most common male footwear, we can mention oxford, slip-ons and monk-strap styles. 

When it comes to women’s shoes, you will often see them in a broad variety of colors, textures and patterns, created with the aid of diverse fabrics and materials. Usual models of shoes we can find are ballerina flats, mules, boots, the timeless high-heels as well as court shoes. Regardless of the design you choose, make sure to buy from a reliable supplier that delivers your shoes on time.