What’s The Difference Between A Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum and A Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

Do you happen to own a lawn or patio that is surrounded by huge leafy trees that shed their leaves every once in a while? If you own such a lawn then chances are that you are familiar with the eyesore such leaves create.

There are two significant ways one can get rid of such leaves on the lawn or patio. And that is by either using a walk-behind leaf vacuum or a leaf blower. Let me slow down a little there. Perhaps you’re wondering aren’t they the same?

Well, not quite. If they aren’t the same then which one would be the better option for a person that is tired of leaves making an eyesore of their lawn? What are the advantages of one over the other one?

If such queries have been bogging your mind then worry not for, we have the answers here for you. Without dabbling about, let’s get started.

What is a Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum?

Walk-behind vacuums are simply vacuums that can collect leaves off a lawn or patio. The only difference between them and the usual vacuums is that you push them over the lawn as you clean hence the name walk behind vacuums.

Walk-behind vacuums are a must-have if you own a large lawn that you can’t clean easily with a broom. Imagine cleaning a large field full of leaves and other trash with the help of a broom. Tasking, isn’t it?

What makes walk behind vacuums such a great option is that you get to operate them as you would a lawnmower. Matter of fact they only differ from a lawnmower in functioning and design.

Walk-behind leaf vacuums come in two distinct designs mainly differing from each other in how they deal with the collected leaves and trash.

The walk behind leaf vacuum mulcher after collection of the dirt, shreds or mulches the leaves allowing you to use the waste as mulch. Therein lies the reason why they are called leaf vacuum mulchers.

The other walk-behind leaf vacuums simply collect the leaves and other trash in the garbage bag for disposal somewhere else.

You also get the option of whether to go for the electric walk behind leaf vacuum or the gas-powered vacuum. The electric one comes with a cord that depending on how large your lawn, it might be long or short.

If you have a huge lawn then the best option would be the gas-powered one. Electric walk-behind leaf vacuums can however come with reasonably long cords that allow nonstop cleaning.

The gas-powered vacuum would need refills along the way as you clean. If you get an electric one with a long cord then you can enjoy uninterrupted cleaning.

What is a Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower is a tool that is used to clean up lawns or gardens by blowing trash mainly leaves to a designated spot for collection or disposal later.

Most leaf blowers are handheld or can be carried on the back as you would carry a backpack. Walk-behind leaf blowers, however, can be pushed along the ground in much the same fashion as walk-behind leaf vacuums or lawnmowers.

For most users with very large lawns, walk behind a leaf blower would be an excellent option. That is because of their impressive ability to blow away large volumes of leaves and other debris.

They run on a powerful engine that turns the huge fans housed in a steel housing and sit on convenient wheels. The fan furiously rotates to produce the air that blows away leaves on a lawn.

They however don’t come with a collection bag that can be found in the other handheld or backpack models. All they do is pile up the leaves for collection at a later time.

What’s the difference between the two?

The principal difference between the two would be in the way they function. While a walk-behind leaf vacuum sucks up the leaves and trash into the vacuum, the blower simply blows them into a pile for later collection.

Since the walk behind the leaf blower has no compartment for storing the leaves, it can’t have a mulcher in the same fashion as the walk behind the leaf vacuum mulcher.

If you want to clear a huge lawn of leaves relatively fast, a walk-behind leaf blower will come in handy here. A walk-behind gets the work done very fast. That’s because of the high speeds with which the fan runs to blow away leaves.

A walk-behind leaf vacuum is relatively cheaper than a walk-behind leaf blower. A walk-behind leaf blower is a huge sophisticated machine that would cost you quite an amount to purchase.

However, seeing the work that a walk-behind leaf blower can do, most people would say they are well worth it.

You’d, however, have to make a choice on whether to go for the cheaper option that isn’t as fast or the more expensive leaf blower that is fast but only directs the leaves to a designated place for collection.

Which one should I go for?

The more efficient one is the walk behind leaf blower that can blow away vast amounts of leaves off your lawn in just a few hours of work. They however are quite expensive and as a result, you should only go for them if you absolutely need them.

A walk-behind leaf vacuum although not as fast as the blower tends to make your work easier later as you won’t have to come and collect the dirt all over again.

Therefore, by virtue of a walk-behind leaf vacuum saving you some time in collecting the leafy trash and also being cheaper, you should probably give it a try.

Parting Shot

Do you choose to pay over the top for the walk-behind leaf vacuum or go for the cheaper alternative that is the walk behind leaf vacuum?

Whether you go for the walk-behind leaf vacuum or a walk-behind leaf blower would depend on which one would best suit your needs.

Choose wisely.