Whats Discord Doing Wrong? Here’s a Better Free-to-use Alternative

With more than 200 million users, whats Discord doing wrong? Is Discord safe for my child? Why is Discord popular? The voice chat app/Discord web is a big hit with gamers because It’s free to download/create your Discord account, easy to use/login, and has some great features like third-party integration, screen sharing, direct messages, and excellent voice quality. It also has a paid version which is Discord Nitro, which is meant to enhance your Discord Servers and experience. 

However, we’re here to talk about Discord as a whole and it’s not perfect. Discord has some issues that need fixing ASAP. If you’ve used the app recently, you might have noticed a few problems when trying to find people to play with: Once you find a Discord server related to the game you’re looking for, for teammates, your messages get lost too easily, people don’t reply and it’s overall not a fun experience. So what can you do instead? Well, there are plenty of other free-to-use apps out there to help you find people to play with… We have a better alternative to Discord that we recommend!

Whats Discord Structure: A Messy Chat & Server Layout

Discord’s main problem is that it doesn’t have a clear organizational structure, be in its free version or Discord Nitro version. Some people ask how to use Discord and what is Discord server. There’s a general chat in a Discord server, and then there are many different servers set up for different things. You can make your own servers, and you can search for specific servers or topics, but this just brings up a bunch of servers to navigate through.

If you want to play a specific type of game with a group of people, it’s tough to find that group unless you already know their Discord username. What’s even worse is that the general chat isn’t even just for gaming. You can also find people to talk to about non-gaming topics, like movies or other things. You can’t even filter those out to avoid them. It can be a jumbled mess. Asking whats Discord structure? It’s ultimately a bit of a mess.

Whats Discord doing wrong: Doesn’t Make it Easy to Find Players

The other issue with whats Discord doing wrong is that it’s not easy to find people to play games with. You have your Discord download and Discord login, what next? You have to go to a server and ask there or use the #looking-for-players channel. What if you don’t want to do that? What if you want to play a specific game but don’t have any specific groups in mind? What if you just want to play something random? Discord doesn’t make it easy to get random people to play games with you. Instead, you have to visit a server and hope people are in there and willing to play what you want to play. 

You can use Discord’s #looking-for-players channel, but you risk getting people who aren’t serious about playing or just want to talk. It’s a big risk and it’s not appealing to new players who might be looking to play something specific.

The eBlitz Alternative: Finding Players Done Right

Whats Discord doing to correct this? The answer is not much but there is an app that is looking to correct this, introducing – eBlitz a free-to-use gaming & social app that’s all about connecting people to play games with each other. You can personalize your profile to showcase your favorite games, bio, and banner. You then swipe left or right on profiles you think best matches yours, allowing you to chat with that person if they like your profile too, in text or voice chat integration with Discord, with those people appearing in your buddy network. 

eBlitz also has a new party feature that has been introduced, allowing you to create a party with people who you would like to play with (and see what other people want to play) giving you the chance to create your own community within the app. You can also search for other users by their username, which makes it easy to find people to add as friends and play with later. eBlitz is all about playing games, and it makes it very easy to find people to play with. And it’s completely free.

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The Verdict

If you’re looking for a better way to find people to play games with, eBlitz is the perfect solution. It makes it easy to find people to play whatever game you want to play, and it makes it easy to set up games and find teammates. Discord is great if you want to chat with other gamers (or if you want some cool Discord Bots), but it’s not the best way to find people to play games with. 

eBlitz is the next evolution of the gaming community. It’s a free app that makes it easy to find people to play games with, and it makes playing games more social than ever before. You can download the eBlitz app on either Android – Google Play Store or on iOS – App Store and start finding people to play with today.

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