What You Should Wear If You Go to Australia for Business

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Business travel can be a great experience where you could learn new skills and meet valuable people who could help you improve your business and make new friends. Yet, not every country and culture has the same rules when it comes to business attire, so here are some tips that will help you pack the right clothes if you’re going to Australia for a business trip. Before we start, it’s important to point out that you shouldn’t solely aim to act and look like the locals but to rather understand their business customs and practices so you won’t be in the dark once you arrive there:

1. Don’t go overboard

Australia is pretty much the same as the rest of the Western World so there are no specific customs to be wary of. Yet, it’s necessary to dress well and pay attention to what you’re wearing, but you don’t need to go overboard and aim to impress your Australia colleagues and business associates. Australian business culture is a mix between traditions of the past (UK) and business practices of today (mainly the US), so it’s essential to remember that Australians are self-reliant and hard-working, but when it comes to business clothes, feel free to wear your usual business attire (blazers, buttoned shirts, business suits), unless your Australian hosts prefer business casual and maybe even more laidback styles. In that case, you’re free to join them. Finally, if you happen to be in Sydney, keep in mind that this city is packed with relaxed atmosphere, so feel free to explore it if you get any free time. 

2. Be careful with accessories

Sometimes, business attire can get a bit boring, but don’t worry, as there are ways to spice make your business clothes more interesting. Wearing elegant and minimalist jewellery will surely make you look more sophisticated and stylish while opting for colours other than black, blue and grey will make you look stand out more, if this is what you want, of course. The crucial point is to be careful with the accessories you pick because looking flashy isn’t what you should aim to do while on a business trip. Of course, wearing a statement necklaces over a white button-up shirt is fine, but still, it’s best to opt for something more subdued, as you’ll definitely look more professional. 

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3. Don’t be afraid to look elegant

A lot of business conferences last for two or more days, and they often include some fun activities outside the conference room. Therefore, be prepared to do sightseeing tours or even go out in the evening. In that case, feel free to consider getting one or two classic and formal dresses for women, since attending business events still requires conventional dress code. So, if you bring some elegant clothes, you’ll feel ready in case you get invited to a fancy restaurant or a party that requires you to be dressed appropriately. Also, if you’re planning to bring a dress, make sure to pack the right type of footwear, so a pair of classic black pumps will surely be the right choice for you. Also, going out, even while on a business trip, is a great way to relax and meet other people, so if you feel like wearing a bit of flashier jewellery, these evening activities are a great place to wear your favourite necklace without worrying you’d look over-dressed.

4. Don’t experiment with new pieces of clothes 

Business trips often require people to buy some extra pieces of clothes, as it’ll usually make them feel better prepared and more self-confident. But, if you travel for business, buying new work attire just before the trip may not be as practical as you may thing. Unless you’re buying the types of clothes you already own, it’s important to pick something that will surely be comfortable as you don’t want to spend hours in a meeting wearing something that’s too tight or too loose. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a wardrobe malfunction in a room full of people, so it’s always better to pack your usual business clothes, and if you want to buy something new, feel free to explore Australian brands, because chances are you will find something for yourself. 

5. Dress for your body type

Wearing clothes that look good isn’t enough as you need to make sure that they also suit your body type. Even though opting for the fanciest business suit might seem like a great idea, but in reality, you need to actually go and check that you’re making the right choice. This is important because not every person has the same body shape, so it’s important to be sure that you’re wearing something that compliments the way you’ve built, so you will end up looking good and also feel confident enough to pull it all off. 

Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

6. There’s no need to sacrifice your comfort

Business attire for women is usually associated with elegant suits and high heels, but the truth is, these pieces of clothes and shoes can often be quite uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to wearing them on a regular basis. Hence, instead of spending your business meetings dealing with annoyingly painful shoes or clothes that are too tight, it’s better to find something that looks professional and feels comfortable at the same time. Maybe you were told once that business clothes need to be a certain way in order to be considered appropriate, but nowadays many brands are focusing on both comfort and elegance so there’s really no need to sacrifice your own comfort anymore. 

Bottom line

As mentioned before, Australians have certain business etiquette, but overall, they tend to be quite laidback, so you don’t need to be too worried regarding your attire. Just remember to wear clothes that are business-appropriate and make sure to always look well-put, so you’ll feel good about your appearance. 

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