What You Should Do as a New Driver

Driving can be an exciting and intimidating event, especially for beginners. However, many resources make the experience easy, safe, and worthwhile for you.

One needs to know many things before driving successfully. The road signs, how to adjust the mirrors, selection of gears, speed limits, and many others. As a result, it is not surprising that driving can be overwhelming for new drivers. 

However, you can prepare yourself and learn the ropes. Over time you will develop confidence, and driving will become easy. Here are various things you need to know and do as a new driver

Adjust the Vehicle

As a new driver, it takes nerve to overcome the fear of driving. However, you can do a couple of things to make the experience pleasing. Before moving, for instance, ensure to check if the mirrors are well-positioned. This way, you will have a good view of everything surrounding you – humans and passengers.

Not only that, ensure to adjust the seat based on your height. The seat should be positioned such that you will not have to strain your legs to apply the brake or accelerator, and your hands will not assume an awkward position on the steering. 

Don’t Forget Your Insurance.

Insurance is essential for all drivers. It serves as protection for you and others should there be an accident or damage to the vehicle. 

Getting your insurance is one of the most important things to do as a new driver. You might be fined with your license suspended if caught driving without insurance. No one plans for an accident, but having protection in the form of insurance is a good deal. You can check here to know how much is insurance for a new driver.

Gentle Speed

A motor vehicle can be classified as heavy machinery. This means you need to take it slow if unfamiliar with the intricacies. A car moving at a slow speed is easy to control and has a lower tendency of an accident. With time as you build confidence, you can explore various speed limits. However, don’t forget different speed limits assigned to multiple roads. 

Safety should be a priority when driving. Not only your safety but that of other road users is also important. As a result, don’t be tempted to crank up your speed at first. Wait until you develop mastery of the vehicle to do this. 

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Seat belts are one of the safety accessories in a vehicle. As a result, you and every passenger needs to wear a seat belt every time while driving. 

Seat belts can provide adequate protection and safety of life during accidents. Also, many people who lost their lives during accidents can be traced to not using a seat belt. 

Brake Gently

One of the most important lessons a new driver can learn is to know when to stop. It would be best not to slam the pedals to the floor as it can trigger a chain of unwanted reactions that might cause an accident. 

This is one of the reasons why one should not drive at high speed. Applying the brakes will be accessible when your speed is within a reasonable limit. Besides, whenever a stop is imminent ahead, slowly apply gentle pressure to the brake before you finally bring the vehicle to a halt. 

Avoid Distractions

While driving, one needs to be on high alert. Even if you are severe and driving responsibly, chances are some road users might not be as careful as you. However, when you are vigilant, your response time will be high to avoid unwanted situations. On the other hand, Distractions can reduce your reaction time and lead to an accident. How do you avoid distractions?

Keep your eyes on the wheels; no texting, calling or eating. Turning your head to the back to talk with a passenger is wrong. Anything can go wrong in a twinkle of an eye, but with high vigilance, you can avoid mishaps. 

As a new driver, while you are still in your garage, make all necessary preparations. Set your GPS, choose the music or radio station, complete all conversations and put your phone on DND. 

Obey Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are not meant to make driving more complicated for you. They are meant for the safety of all road users. As a result, ensure you understand these rules and follow them. 

Respect all speed limits, leave the necessary space between vehicles, wear set beats, and don’t take the wrong way. Keeping such rules in mind will keep you and other road users safe. Besides, maintaining traffic rules can keep you away from a hefty traffic ticket.

Traffic rules could be expensive and could increase your insurance rate. 

Avoid Over-Thinking the Experience

When driving, one needs to multi-task. The eyes, hands, legs, ears are all involved for a successful driving experience. 

As a result, a new driver might be overwhelmed with all the rules and things they need to remember. Understanding and interpreting road signs are essential, giving the driving experience utmost concentration. 

With this, avoid all distractions and focus on preventing issues while driving. 


Driving might seem like a big deal for first-timers. However, constant learning and understanding the rules will make the process easy.