What you need to know before buying Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet plans are also known as Charter Spectrums. These spectrums offer you anything from varieties of internet plans or TV cables. They also offer Voice over services, and entertainment packages. Furthermore, Spectrum plans also come with fixed line phone services. This means that you get a full tech package under one plan.


In this article, we are going to focus more on Spectrum Internet Plans, rather than other services. There is a lot we can get just by subscribing to the internet plans. This includes internet access, phones services, fiber connectivity services, and also data network. Spectrum has partnered with the famous Verizon network which enables it to easily offer mobile phone services. It is also an immensely popular brand especially in the US. Statistically, Spectrum has a huge list of over 28 million satisfied customers in almost 41 different states in the US.


Spectrum plans mostly come in 12 months packages. The most common service comprises of 44.99$ per month. There are also added benefits for buyers such as free anti virus software, free modem, and zero cap on data transfer. Spectrum provides really good internet speeds starting at 100mbps. However, internet speeds do vary considering the areas you live in.


If you are already subscribed to any other service provider, and wish to switch to Spectrum, then there is also an offer in which it buys your current contract with any service provider. The cost of buying those contracts are up to 500$ which is a great market price. If you are living in the United States, and a Spectrum Internet subscriber, then you get access to all of their wifi points in the US. This, obviously, saves a lot of effort and money on phone bills and similar expenditures.


As mentioned above, Spectrum not only offers only internet packages, but packages which offer cable TV, phone, and then, internet as well. We are going to briefly discuss the Internet packages, their pricings, and their respective speeds.



There are 6 most common Internet plans offered by Spectrum. These plans are distinctive by the internet speed they provide. Spectrum provides internet plans ranging from 30mbps to 940mbps. If you are concerned to know about every internet plan individually, then 6 internet speeds offered by spectrum are,

30mbps, 60mbps, 100mbps, 200mbps, 400mbps, 940mpbs.


There is no contract required in order to subscribe to their internet plans. However, the promotion price is 49.99$ which we have already mentioned above. Your location, and the internet speed you wished to subscribe for also plays a role in determining your monthly internet billing.


Furthermore, Spectrum offers its services almost all across the US. In fact, Spectrum services are available in over 41 different states. This shows that they have a huge market, and demand especially in America. It is really obvious that a product is demanded more by the public due to its great results, and the ease it brings for its buyers.


If we take a look at its availability in detail, we can conclude that chances of you finding a great Spectrum Internet plan within your area, if you are a resident in US is great. Namely, Spectrum internet is available in, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada and in other states as well which we might have missed out here.



Spectrum also offers an ‘ultra’ option alongside every internet plan. For example, extra upload speeds or extra download speeds. Furthermore, you can also subscribe to a feature called as Spectrum GIGs. This feature helps you to choose the perfect internet plan according to your uses. For example, if you are using your internet mainly for entertainment purposes, or downloading large files, you might want to subscribe to this feature. It will provide you with 100mbps of fast internet streaming available 24 hours, so you can never miss out on anything.


Customers also get supplied with a modem absolutely free of cost. The modem is really user friendly, and users can install it themselves. There is also an antivirus option which works to keep your software protected from any malware or viruses.


Overall, Spectrum provides great internet plans for its users. The fact that it is really user friendly, and delivers more than the price it takes, makes it stand out from all other internet providers in the market. Subscribing to this internet plan is a great choice if you want to solve all your internet problems for once and for all. This is because you can always turn to the customer care, and ask for quick repairs without having a pay huge amounts of money. What else do you ask for in an internet plan?