What You Need to Know about Your Online Reputation Score

When it comes to your online reputation score, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. In fact, most people do not even know they have an online reputation score until it has damaged their reputation with people in the real world.  The better you understand the concept of your reputation score, the more you can do to defend your online reputation. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Reputation Score and Why Do You Need to Care?

Whether you’re a single individual, a business owner, or just someone who likes to enjoy yourself on social media, your reputation score can say a lot about you to others. This score represents the sum total of your online presence, for better or for worse . Bad brands often have very negative reputation score and it hurts their business..

The score is determined by one of the “people search” vendors, MyLife, based on information from your social media activities, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as well as any blogs you may have and public information available about you through the Freedom of Information Act.

This is all information that is usually available to others, though they’d have to go and look for it. However, what MyLife (and many other similar sites) does is to insinuate that your reputation may be worse than it is. They do this because your information is the service they sell. They want people to buy subscriptions to see the information about you and in order to do that, they must think something nefarious will be revealed in your online reputation score.

Fortunately, a reputation management service can help to change the narrative about you online and help you work to remove your information from the results for organizations like MyLife and others. That gives you greater control of your online reputation.

How to Remove Personal Information from Google

Beyond improving your reputation score, you also want to make sure you know how to remove personal information from Google. This is not only about removing information about you, like your phone number, email address, or even your home address. It’s also about removing images you did not consent to that never seem to go away.

The process is involved and often requires multiple steps. It can be done though. Which is a good thing for the sake of your privacy and of your peace of mind.  However, if you put your information out there, through social media posts or personal images posted online, it will be difficult to keep up with them with removal requests without professional help from an effective and experienced reputation management service. understands how important it is to protect and defend your online reputation and to either eliminate or improve your online reputation score. We will work with you to make sure your online reputation is built on a more positive note. Contact today by calling 844.737.4373 to learn what we can do for you and how we can help you improve your online reputation score.


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