What You Need To Know About Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Do you ever feel that voicemails would be better without your phone ringing all the time? It turns out there is a remedy for that.

What is a ringless voicemail?

A ringless voicemail is a voicemail or audio message that does not involve the phone call function and is sent directly to your recipient’s voicemail inbox.

This voicemail is pre-recorded, and then the software is used to send it to the recipient’s voicemail box directly. In recent times these voicemails have become an important marketing strategy for businesses.

Ringless voicemails are legal in most states in the United States. But that is only if the local and federal rules are followed to the latter.

You should also consult a representative from your service provider so that they can brief you on how to stay compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act TCPA Compliance.

Instances when your business can use ringless voicemails

Whether it’s for reminders, follow-ups, or just connecting with your customer, there are several instances that ringless voicemails can help your business reach its customers more efficiently:

  • You can use them to thank new subscribers for signing up for your business’ newsletter.
  • They can be used to send promotional messages to your new and old customers.
  • You can use them to connect with your customers by sending them a holiday greeting or even letting them know you sent them a gift card.
  • They can be used to inform your clients about a change in the delivery date of a package they ordered.
  • They can be used to inform your staff about a change in the schedule of some business meetings.

Benefits of using ringless voicemails

They improve convenience

You can be sure about the appropriate time to call your customers. Sometimes it might be inconvenient to call them while they are at their workplaces or busy with their commitments.

With ringless voicemails, your intended recipients get to listen to your message at their convenient time.

Less pressure for your customers

Calling your customers might have them pressured in giving you feedback. These voicemails ensure your customers give you feedback when they have thought about something or when they are comfortable.

Reduces marketing costs

By using ringless voicemails, you can reach more customers on a personal level at a lower cost. You don’t need to create advertisement posters or videos to get your customer’s attention; a voicemail drop is enough.

Get to serve only the interested customers

When you send these voicemails, and a customer calls back to get briefed more about a certain offer or new product, you know they are interested. This saves your business the time to pursue unsuccessful leads.


Some of your customers may not appreciate being bugged with irrelevant sales blasts but might also like to be reminded at times. Ringless voicemails are the perfect tool to reach out to and serve these customers.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.