What You Need To Know About Redundancy

It is indeed a huge shock to lose one’s job suddenly. This is why you should know your rights. Many businesses are experiencing a tough time due to the pandemic. This has led to some of them having to cut down on their workforce. It has had a huge effect on the workers. It is important to know the way that redundancy works, allowing you to prepare for this financially and also emotionally. Read on to find out more:

What women should know about redundancy?

It has been seen that women are the ones who are experiencing more redundancies due to the COVID pandemic than in other recessions. This pandemic has actually magnified the structural problems and inequalities which are already present in the system.

Women are the ones who have more disrupted careers. They also have less contributions that are going into long-term savings.

The way that redundancy works

Those industries which are the most affected through the crisis will be the ones who will most probably cut jobs. This is why it is a good idea to be knowledgeable and know what your contract of employment is. You should look at the company’s policy when it comes to redundancy as well as what exactly you are entitled to.

Keep in mind your primary aim. You may want to become redundant for the correct package or you may wish to totally avoid redundancy. You can get the help of redundancy services in Australia if you are not sure on what to do. They can help you approach your employer with the right strategy.

Is the redundancy genuine?

It is important to know that a genuine redundancy is one where the employer will have a solid and real reason present to make you redundant. They may not require you to do the join any more. The workplace may be closing or the employer may be going out of business. They may require less employees.

There are cases where the redundancy may not turn out to be genuine. This is if the employer has actually discriminated against you. They may have made you redundant as you are pregnant or you may be on maternity leave. If this is the case, you need to fight for your rights.

The employer cannot make you redundant due to your age, race, gender, etc. When you feel that you have been chosen unfairly, or the procedure is not a fair one, it is possible to appeal. You can get the help of a trade union where there are professionals who know what they are doing.

Redundancy is indeed stressful and it is better to be prepared for this. If you have joined some trade unions, they may be able to help you get the rights that you deserve. Know all about the redundancy procedure and be sure that the employer has a genuine reason for pursuing this path. They should not discriminate against you. If they do, it is vital that you get help.