The manual lawn mower is one of the different types of lawn Mowers which despite being handled manually, has different positive advantages and features. Working with different types of Lawn Mowers will give you a different experience and this manual lawn mower is one of those you don’t want to miss. This article articulate important facts about Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya together with its features and advantages.

You may wonder why many individuals prefer using manual lawn mowers instead of powered ones. Manual lawn mowers prices in Kenya are much affected by the different aspects of features and arising issues as to their superiority over other types of mowers. This article describes why manual lawn mowers have been much popular among different individuals who have experience in using them and how to use them.

Steps on how to use a manual lawn mower

Manual Lawn Mowers which are handled manually rather than being self-driven can be handled and used by following the steps below;

  •  Mount your cutting height about 2 inches considering the grass type and also according to your taste.
  • It is recommended that you should trim your lawn before the grass overgrows beyond 4 inches.
  • To ensure you trim your lawn in a professional way, propel your lawn Mower in a linear line. At the end of the lawn, move the mower in a parallel linear line alongside the first line. Repeat this procedure until you finish trimming your lawn.

The above steps are just a brief overview of how you should technically use a manual lawn mower to trim your Lawn Mower.

Benefits of manual lawn mower

Manual Lawn Mower offers quite a number of advantages to its users and also to the environment. These benefits are as explained below;

Manual lawn mowers are noiseless

Using manual lawn mowers is advantageous because you are able to use it at any time of the day because it is noise-free, so it covers you from the fear of making noise and disturbing even your neighbours.

Good for grass fitness and health

Manual lawn mowers trim grass through snipping which is better for grass mitigation and faster healing.

Manual lawn mowers are relatively cheap

Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya are relatively cheap compared to other Lawn Mowers which are powered. Also, the maintenance cost is very low and at some point, they require the least maintenance practices.

Zero air and environmental pollution

Since manual lawn mowers are hand push and not powered, they emit no harmful substance to the environment. They depend on human energy to work and thus they are environmentally friendly.

Simple and uncomplicated to use

Manual mowers require no skills to operate. They don’t have a starter cord, the procedure of using is just simple and clear to follow. You just need to push the machine and then it starts working automatically. A clear demonstration of the look of how the mower looks like in terms of being simple and easy to use is as in the image below;

Safe to use

The manual mower is very much safe to use more than powered mowers. This is because it depends on human power control and thus in case there is any problem with its functionality or maybe any defect, it easier to handle the machine.

Factors to consider in deciding on purchasing a manual lawn mower

When making a decision on whether to purchase a manual lawn mower, you should consider these factors mentioned below;

Size of your yard

The manual lawn mower is recommended for medium-sized yards since they depend on human as a source of power. Don’t purchase a manual mower if the are you are intending to be using it on it large.

Level grounds with medium-sized grass

If your yard is bumpy or maybe has overgrown grass, it will be difficult to use a manual Lawn Mower. Thus before purchasing the mower, consider the state of your yard.

Type of grass in your yard

Before deciding on purchasing the mower, you should consider knowing which types of grass manual lawn mower is better in trimming,and whether the grass in your yard is one of them.

When purchasing mowers, you should consider certain factors which help you in choosing the type of mower you require. The manual lawn mower prices in Kenya outdoes other types of Lawn Mowers in their functionality, price index, and handling procedures. As you consider having powered lawn mowers, don’t forget the advantages of having a manual Lawn Mower too.