What You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

There are many reasons why solar power is a good choice for the average homeowner. Solar panels can significantly reduce energy costs, they produce cleaner air and solar power is renewable. However, solar panels take time to install and they cost a lot of money up front. In this post, we will discuss what you need to know about installing solar panels in your home and how much it will cost you in the end!

One of the major reasons why home owners do not shift over to solar power is cost. Solar panels are expensive to buy and install and they can be really difficult to maintain. However, once the installation process is complete, solar energy that is generated can reduce energy costs substantially! If you plan on installing solar panels in your home, then we recommend that you be aware of what solar tax credit is available to reduce the initial installation costs.

If you do decide to install solar panels in your home, then it is important for you to consider all expenses including maintenance and repair costs associated with solar power. If something does go wrong during or after the solar panel installation process, make sure that you have solar power insurance to cover any costs!

When you install solar panels at your home, there are many tax credits and rebates available including a 30% federal solar tax credit. If you do not qualify for the solar tax credit because of income restrictions, then we recommend that you look into state or local solar incentives as an alternative. You can also contact solar companies to see if they offer any solar incentives or rebates.

One of the best ways for home owners to reduce installation costs is by using solar power leasing options rather than buying solar panels outright! If you do not have the money up front, then there are many solar companies that provide affordable financing with no upfront cost.

If solar power is not the right option for you, then we recommend that you consider getting solar water heater systems to reduce your energy costs. These solar heating systems will help save money and they are relatively easy to install! Another alternative worth considering if solar panels do not work out is geothermal heat pumps which provide free air conditioning in addition to heating.

The solar energy industry is booming and we expect the solar panel installation to increase by 50% in 2016! If you are planning on installing solar panels, then it is important for you start doing research now and contact different companies to see how much your installation will cost. There may also be local or state solar incentives that can reduce solar panel installation costs. We hope this post helps you understand solar panels and solar power better!