What You Don’t Know About Wood Wrist Watches?

The wood wrist watches are gaining more and more attention these days and people are actually interested in buying them. A number of people think that Wooden watches are not entirely made of wood. Wooden watches are entirely made of wood or they are not as efficient as a metal watch or things like that. This is because they don’t have much knowledge about the beautiful wooden wrist watch or they were misguided. If you are also curious about trying the wood watch then here is something you should definitely read.

Facts About Mens Wooden Wrist Watches

First of all a misconception about them being entirely made of wood which is not true. They are partially made of wood and their movements for obvious reasons are standard mechanical or more commonly quartz movements. Some other small parts, such as hands, crowns, and clasps are also made of metal. There are models of wood wristwatches for men that feature leather straps, and sometimes there are bracelets that are made of mixed metal and wooden links. Mostly the wooden watches have cases, dials, and bracelets that are made of wood. Wooden wrist watches are unique in various ways as they can be worn with any type of outfit and for any event. Even the corporate meetings you can combine the wooden watches for men with your suit and it will go very well with it. Not only just that for casuals, but you can also mix it with your jackets and trouser and they will work like a charm.

Affordable, Easy Maintenance and Beautiful Aging

Most of people think that just like the wood furniture the wooden wristwatches are also expansive which is not really true as the wooden watch’s price depends on what exactly do you like, brand and what type of wood is used to make it. This will determine its price but generally, a beautiful wood wristwatch will be more likely to be affordable. It does require maintenance and it won’t be too hard to maintain the wooden watches. Just some oil and damp cloth and you are done. Rub genteelly and wipe away the dust and voila! your watch is good as new. They just need to stay away from direct sunlight and water because water might put cracks in it and the direct sunlight will discolor it.

Over the year the chrome of the metal watch will deteriorate and it won’t be able to be worn on any occasions and after few years of usage, you will want to throw away or putting a corner. On the other hand, the wood watches age beautifully as its color gets change, making it more beautiful than it used to be. Just buy one from the reputed store such as apache pine and you will enjoy what you will get.