What You Can Do With JavaScript Programming Knowledge

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JavaScript is a programming language used in web pages together with CSS and HTML. It’s designed to be exclusively used in an internet environment. It’s mostly used in the creation of interactive and responsive objects for the Web Pages making the user experience better.

In the creation of the modern web, three distinct languages work together. The languages are as follows:

  • HTML: HTML is used in adding content. It permits various commands like videos, images, text, or images. It is HTML that enables you to put the login button in the login gap on your webpage.


  • CSS-: It’s used in styling the content that is inserted with the help of HTML. It allows changes in the shape, style, color, or even size of the login button embedded by HTML.


  • JavaScript: JavaScript is used to design the web elements. It also makes them responsive and interactive. It’s mainly used together with HTML and CSS by web developers. The JavaScript can be used to make the login button to do the logging into the computer when the user clicks it. 


Things You Can Build With JavaScript

JavaScript programming is used in building web servers. Web servers refer to a computer program used to submit WebPages. The importance of a web server is storage, procession and submission of web pages to the user of the computer. JavaScript programming is mainly used for creating web applications. Web application is what is transmitted to the internet from a remote server where it is stored. The primary function of this application is storage and retrieval of information using various servers and presenting the information to the user with the help of JavaScript. In fact, having a knowledge of JavaScript can get you far in business. If you know Java, then you can check out websites like talentpowered and get hired by people who could benefit from your knowledge and skills. 


Mobile Applications

JavaScript is also mainly used in mobile applications. Nowadays mobile phones and tablets are used by people to access the internet more than desktop. Javascript enabled mobile devices to engage more and be very responsive.


Development of Browser-Based Gaming

JavaScript knowledge is used to create internet-based games. Nowadays browsers have many online games compared to the past. This is so because of JavaScript, which enables internet game development by and is used as the programming language.


Used to Program Flying Robots and Drones

Javascript is mainly used to program a drone. Flying drones are used to take film shots. Drones are mostly fitted with a simple operating system that makes it possible to install NodeJS making it possible to program the flying drone using JavaScript. Also javascript is used in the process of coding drones.


Smart Watch Apps

This programming is used in intelligent watch applications. The most popular smart watch producer pebble has made a JavaScript framework that allows the developer to develop an application for these watches in JavaScript.


Adding Interactive Element to Web Pages

Javascript is used in adding interactive behavior to WebPages. This allows the users of the computer to engage with the web pages. JavaScript can be used in a webpage to zoom in or out of an image to display animations, to show or hide information using the click button, among other functions.


Build a JavaScript Drawing

JavaScript can also be used as a drawing tool. JavaScript drawing is used to make pages more presentable by adding graphics.


Presentations as Websites

This application can be used to create presentations as websites. They are developed with RevealJS, which are represented by slides. It looks more presentable compared to the presentations created by PowerPoint.


Digital Art

The best feature in HTML5 is the canvas element. This canvas element accepts the browser to render three dimensional shapes which allows the browser to present digital art.



JavaScript is the best programming language that can be used by web developers. JavaScript programming language can be used in building JavaScript projects. You can get this knowledge from talent powered which is widely known for training web developers.