What would you look for while buying an ordering picking trolley?

So imagine you are to buy an order picking trolley. What would you check for while buying it?

Do you know what considerations and decisions you need to make? Here are some of the decisions you need to make while buying an industrial trolley.

Well, before you begin here is an idea of what we are going to cover. While buying an order picking trolley you will have to focus on its features, size, shape, safety features, and durability.

Weight loading capacity

Weight loading capacity comes as a primary focal point feature that you need to check while buying trolleys for order picking.

This would largely depend on what type of weight your trolleys will be carrying which is again dependent on the industry you are in. if you are in the retail industry then your trolleys will mostly carry lightweight to medium weight grocery objects.
But when you are using it as a warehouse trolley then you will have to buy trolleys that are more sturdy and having larger weight-bearing capacities.


The durability is an important feature while buying order picking trolleys. Generally, there will be a warranty given by the trolley manufacturer.

But ensuring a sturdy design compatible with the conditions and having sufficiently high weight loading capacities then you will find your trolleys to be durable for around long years.

Material of construction

Generally,order picking trolleys are made from polyurethane or composite aluminum alloy. Sometimes the more durable and stronger trolleys would be from composite steel with aluminum.

Find out a suitable construction material. Generally, the fully composite metal order picking trolleys are used in warehouses and industries, and factories.

The polyurethane trolleys are made from a combination of plastic and fiber are used in offices.

Size of the load platform

The size of the load platform has to be ideal and by the type of load material or object that the order picking trolleys will be carrying.

Your dimensions have to be clear while buying a trolley. The size of the load bed needs to be ideal to hold the materials and load objects fully within the load bed.

Overall shape and design of the trolley

There are many varieties of order picking trolleys available. For example, you will find trolleys with a single deck, multi-tier trolleys, caged trolleys, double-decker trolleys, industrial platform trolleys, panel cart trolleys, stock picking trolleys with a base shelf, sheet panel cart trolleys, heavy-duty panel cart trolleys, and much more variants.

Finding the exact overall shape and design of the trolleys matters as you don’t want your trolleys to be too big to obstruct free working space and want to move them with easier maneuverability.

Having additional features

There are some additional features too that you would want to have in your trolley. These include foldable trays and shelves, extendable racks, clipboards, etc.

Sometimes the lightweight Industrial Order Picking Trolleys are fully foldable and can be folded when not in use to save storage space. Consider what your need while looking at extra features is.

Having castor wheels

Having castor wheels at the bottom is both a safety and durability enhancer for the trolleys. With trolleys having castor wheels you can use trolleys more efficiently as the tires are highly resistant to puncture and can work in a variety of uneven and jagged surfaces too.