What Wonders the VoIP Phone System can do for your Business?

Voice over Internet Protocol – Commonly referred to as VoIP is a telephony system. In involves the conversion of audio and video signals into discrete packets having a specific address to determine their destination. These data packets are so small that it is only a matter of seconds before they are received at the other end!

Is VoIP better than the landline?

The answer is clear, yes! And, let me make it very clear that there are reasons to back this Yes.

Landline phones or the traditional phones worked with line-to-line connections, only confining to voice calls, whereas the VoIP Phones systems have many more features that solve half of the business problems. VoIP enables you to communicate worldwide in a relatively inexpensive way, allowing you to save 30 to 35% at the end of the day! So, it is cost-effective.

In such contemporary times, where the communication landscape is not restricted to voice calls but has expanded to Email, instant messages, video conferencing, desktop sharing and what not a digital system could never work!

Do you ever fear to miss important phone calls when you are away from the office or burned out from all the pressure from work?

VoIP Phone System is keeping track of your call records! It can forward your calls, put them in the queue or on waiting. Even if you could not take the call, you don’t have to worry because the automated voicemail has got it covered for you.

Time to say Goodbye to the Desk phone hassle!

The hardware installation with VoIP is minimum. There is no need to put a desk phone on every table. Instead, the computer systems are enough to make calls, whether audio or video. It integrates in a way that allows you to send SMS, MMS, Email, Fax, and other documents from your system to the recipient’s device, be it a laptop, pc or mobile phone.

Get your own Private Branch Exchange

With the conventional phone system, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) was only a fantasy and, it never materialized in some businesses. However, the IP PBX is just at your reach!

PBX is a way in which instead of having numerous independent phone lines, there is a central switching system. The advantage is to handle the traffic and to act as a gateway for the world.

All the features that costed extra on a conventional phone are now available to you for free that include

  • Voicemail
  • Automated attendant
  • Call queuing
  • Conference bridging
  • Parking

SIP refers to Session Initiation Protocol, and the word trunk is a metaphor used to illustrate the number of lines that converge at one point, the PBX. By using SIP, your business connects to the telephone network. The benefits of SIP trunking are

  • Rerouting the calls
  • Optimization of bandwidth
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved remote working

Integrate with the CRMs efficiently!

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool, such as Microsoft, Zendesk, Bullhorn, among others. VoIP Phone Systems are compatible with most of the CRMs, effectively enabling you to control Emails, instant messages, social media accounts and all the communication tools. Some VoIP Providers also have collaborations with certain devices like Huawei, Alcatel as well. The services are also compatible with macOS, Linux, Android, or web browser.

Get Domestic, and International DID numbers!

DID numbers are virtual numbers routing to your telephone lines. In this way, VoIP services enable you to take hundreds of calls at different extensions at any one time.