What Will Happen If I Resign During Workers’ Compensation?

When most people are injured at work, there is always a possibility that they may never return to work. They may suffer physical injuries that hinder them from working the same way. The second option may be that they found another better employer and safer workplace. Whatever the reason is, the ultimate solution may be to resign from your former employer. This is understandable, but what many people are worried about is what happens to their workers’ compensation benefits. Here, we will look at what happens if you resign while on workers’ compensation benefits.

The answer to whether the benefits stop is no! Leaving the job does not disqualify you from receiving workers’ comp benefits. However, you must know that the law surrounding workers’ compensation is complicated, and there may be exceptions if you decided to leave. Your former employer may raise various issues about you, and once they do this, tables may turn, and everything becomes complicated. It is crucial at this point to work with an Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer to get advice on what might go wrong should you resign.

The Benefits Considered in Workers’ Compensation

When dealing with workers’ compensation, medical expenses and lost wages are the most considered benefits. Therefore, when you decide to resign, there are the areas affected. However, as mentioned earlier, there are some exemptions.

Medical Benefits

Regardless of whether you continue to work or not, the employment status will not affect the medical benefits you are receiving. After making a successful claim, you will start receiving medical care for the injuries. This benefit does not stop until the agreed time or when you fully recover. However, one point you must know is that if your injury gets worse after you take a new job, the former employer may argue that the new job has affected you, and in that case, the medical responsibility may shift to the new employer. In this case, a lawyer will be vital to ensure you don’t lose your benefits under the claim.

Lost Wages Benefits

In addition to medical benefits, a workers’ compensation claim also includes lost wages benefits, including those anticipated in the future. These benefits are based on how severe the injuries are. In most cases, these benefits are provided with the assumption that the employee will go back to work after they get better. They may also depend on the decision whether the employee can get lighter duties they can perform even with the injuries. If you leave your job, the employer may no longer want to pay for these benefits. The main argument will be that they don’t have a basis for paying them now that you found a new job or you no longer want to work.

Working with Arizona Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

It may be a wise decision to stick with your employer until your claim benefits have been fully settled. However, if you decide to resign, it is vital to consult with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer before the action. The expert will tell you what lies ahead and what you are likely to lose in the process.


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