What WebRTC Developers Can do For Your Business

It is now nearly a decade since WebRTC arrived on the scene as a powerful browser based platform to enable audio-video chats and conferences. It was always there, but, the recent corona pandemic and distance working gives an added impetus to adopt WebRTC into your communications. It can be cost saving and easy to use.

Who are using WebRTC?

WebRTC powers audio-video browser based interaction totaling 1.5 billion minutes per week on Chrome. Users may not know it but popular apps through which they communicate are probably based on WebRTC. Take a look at the apps that are powered by WebRTC.

  • Google Meet and Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger – engage in video chat and stream video live – over 1.3 billion people use Messenger.
  • Discord, the gaming platform, has 87 million registered users and Discord uses WebRTC.
  • Amazon Chime is a high quality video conferencing solution accounts for 24 million usage minutes per month.
  • Instagram Live Video Chat
  • Teens love Houseparty and this app accounts for 20 million minutes usage of the underlying WebRTC tech.

One can go on and on. However, what you will note from the above is that all the above are public, free to use apps and platforms for interaction.

For business, healthcare and education or government, the needs of communication differ. You need privacy and security. Instead of using Facebook Messenger or Google Meetings it is better to have your own purposed app that works on a browser interface. Hire experts in WebRTC development to create a collaborative communication platform. This is what it can do for you:

  • Allow peer to peer private and secure interaction – you could do away with IP PBX
  • Allow conferencing – audio and video with no need for specialized software or devices.
  • Allow employees to collaborate internally
  • Share documents, present videos within videos and exchange mails during an ongoing conversation
  • Allow secure exchange of patient records and audio-video consultations
  • Let you conduct online classrooms
  • Operate customer service centers without the need for call center software. Employees can work from anywhere using their personal computers or mobile phones.

WebRTC is free, open source. It evolves and apps work on the browser so you are not tied to any software or device. So where is the catch that requires you to hire WebRTC development company?

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WebRTC needs development work

WebRTC website explains the platform as an open web standard available as regular JavaScript API implementation. Unlike add-ons or plugins you find in browsers, WebRTC needs to be worked upon to create a usable app that will access media device, open connection and start streaming data. This means you will need services of specialists in WebRTC software development to create an app for you based on your end purpose.

The platform comprises of various codecs such as Opus, iSAC and iLBC audio codecs plus the Vp8/VP9 video codecs. You also have network components included to establish peer to peer connection. You cannot simply download WebRTC package and start using it. It has to connect to the browser and create a usable app through API integration which is where WebRTC software development enters the picture.

What WebRTC development involves

Those with rudimentary knowledge can straightaway implement the included codec and network packages through APIs but you do not get customization and guarantee of superior performance. You need specialists in WebRTC development to tailor an app to suit your purpose.

For instance, it is a known issue that unless finely tuned, WebRTC imposes huge loads on the CPU and if there are more users there will be jitters and freezes of video. Audio clarity could suffer. Experts know this and will make use of SVC and refinemnts of network components to reduce jitter and packet loss.

Your emphasis may be on multiple participant conferencing. This would call for expert tuning of configuration to make it easy and seamless. You get features such as one-to-one communication, mute, document sharing, one to many and many to one interaction.

Educational institutes may have a similar approach but with emphasis on one to many broadcast, show of hands and other features. Custom WebRTC software development gives you a secure app to permit distance education.

Healthcare may have a different need with importance of secure peer to peer communication such as patient-doctor consultation.

Each business segment needs are different. Hire webRTC developers to develop custom apps that fit right in with your goal and make their use a joy.

If you are a startup, an IP PBX would be overkill. Instead, compact WebRTC apps can help you do more at less cost and with ease.

WebRTC has interesting possibilities provided you can get it tailored to your use for which it is best to hire WebRTC developer.