what water damage will the homeowner’s insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance that secures your house from accidental damage or accidents for example like earthquake damage etc.  The question is do homeowners insurance cover the water damage?

There are many insurance policies for homeowners. A homeowner or to be homeowner needs to show this document for mortgaging the property or similar transactions.

What a homeowners insurance cover and what is not covered?

Homeowners insurance is a safeguard against unwanted damage to your house. The insurance covers many types of damages including-

  • Accidental natural damages are often covered in homeowners insurance. For example, there is a earthquake in yoru region and as a region of the earthquake a portion of your property has been damaged. This portion may be entitled under insurance. You may get the back in full or the house will be fully restored to its original position by the insurance company. Not only earthquake natural phenomena like flood, tornado, lightning, hurricane etc may also be covered. To know which incidents are covered in your policy you should read the documents provided.
  • Insurance may provide protection against theft or loss of property.
  • Furnitures or all other things that are damaged during the insured incident may also fall inside what is covered. But it depends on which type of insurance you actually purchased.
  • Accidental damage to the water line, gas line or leakage in sewer line may get a portion or full insured.

There are many things that are not covered by a homeowner’s insurance. I would like to list a few-

  • Natural wear and tear of fixtures and all other fittings. For example, natural wear and tear of pipe are not covered.
  • Damage of property due to poor maintenance is not covered. For example, if you have a minor leakage in the pipe line and water from pipeline damaged the whole roof as time passed on. This type of incident will not be covered.
  • Genratiojn of mold and rotting of wood or other parts due to water leaks will not be covered.

In short, for the damage you or your acts are solely the reason, it will not be covered.

What to do if there is a water leakage or plumbing problem?

The plumbing problem is one of the major problems that cause the gradual damage of the pipelines and sewerage lines. Therefore, if you face any kind of difficulty in having access to water or any kind of leakage, it is strongly advised to fix it as soon as possible. This is because, as this is gradual damage it will be covered in homeowners insurance.

If you face any water leakage, damp surfaces, mold on surfaces or on roofs you should search for plumbing solutions. Plumbing problems are often technical and need technical assistance. This is because they could be more technical than they seem at the beginning.  If you decide to fix the plumbing problem all by yourself, it may damage the other parts and as a result, you may need to spend more than what you wanted to.