What Virtual Tools Can You Use To Promote Your Property Online?

Buying and selling a house is the most stressful yet exciting activity that every individual indulges in at least once in their lifetime. The real estate business in the UK is a thriving sector, where people from all over the world aim at investing in residential or commercial properties in this area. Buyers from different countries and locales are keen to learn more about a property before fixing one. Everything has moved to the digital space making it easier for people to make wise and quick decisions. 

Unlike the olden days and methods, people can learn more about the approximate price of a property with an online house valuation tool for free. The biggest challenge of any estate agent is to generate qualified leads and complete a sale successfully. Following the old-school methods alone will not help achieve the goal. With the increasing competition in the market, adopting new marketing methods has become a necessary move for most estate agents and property sellers. Over the last few years, real estate has moved online and is growing progressively. 


Marketing a property virtually, will help in accelerating the selling process by several weeks. The traditional marketing methods like classifieds or word-of-mouth are not as effective as going digital. With time, people’s preferences have changed. Online tools and platforms are now trending and have proven effective in marketing and selling a property in a short duration. After the covid19 outbreak, people prefer dealing with things virtually. The suitable marketing methods and online tools will fetch the ideal leads in less time. Technology has paced up and has helped people to simplify their work process. Several online real estate tools are making the rounds lately, and using some of these would gear up the sales.



People are glued to their phones, and it is easy to grab their attention through social media and targeted groups. Most buyers who cannot afford to work with an estate agent will opt for multiple online platforms. One of the best ways to reach a sweeping audience group at once is using social media platforms. With many mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have been used by billions around the world, promoting a property has become an effortless job. Most of these promotions can be done for free or at a minimal price to run ads. 


Virtual tours gained more popularity during the lockdown phase in the UK, where people could easily view the property online without having to visit one. Considering the misleading images in many property portals, virtual tours give more confidence to the buyer and build trust instantly. Unlike static pictures online, people get to explore every corner of the house and make their decision. Home tours can be done by hiring a professional photographer and using the right software to get the output. This method will be the best investment to market a property most efficiently.


Like it or not, the first place where people dig out for the properties available for rent or sale is an online listing. Presenting the advertisement in the best way possible will help reach a wider audience. Property listings usually consist of the specs and details of the house, along with photographs. This method doesn’t consume much time and is one of the simplest ways to have the property gain more eyeballs within very little time. However, to stand out from the other properties listed in the online portal, spending more time polishing the post is necessary. 


People hunting for homes make sure if the advertised property is a credible one. Creating a professional website and marketing the property there will be a great way to attract serious buyers. Unlike other online tools, a dedicated website is owned entirely by the person who created it. Websites help in attracting qualified leads. With effective property descriptions, professional photographs or video tours linked to the website, there are innumerable ways of marketing a residence. Properly optimizing the website and checking for the critical SEO aspects will help the website rank higher in the search engine. 


Staging a home has been a favourite model for many sellers in the UK. After the real estate business shifted online, most techniques also moved online along with it, giving birth to virtual staging. Compared to the traditional methods, virtual staging can be done in every room of the house. Adding colours, room decors, indoor plants, wall paints and a lot more can be done virtually to enhance the overall appearance of the property. This is the best alternative for the actual staging process without having to physically spend more time and effort in rearranging the entire place


Hunting for homes in the UK does not require a specific time and day. People do it at random hours which cannot be predicted by any estate agent. Having a chatbot embedded in a professional website or social media will be the 24/7 marketing tool in the agent’s or seller’s absence. Chatbots are the most effective way of engaging directly with the customer and turning them into potential buyers in no time. When any person visits and starts engaging with the customized chatbot, they will learn more about the services offered by the estate agent and other information. 


After converting scrolling customers on a website or a social media platform into qualified leads, email marketing is the next best step to proceed further to close the deal. Email marketing has flourished and proven to be the best online tool or method to build a trustworthy conversation with a prospect. Most estate agents and agencies follow this strategy to send out recent updates, newly listed properties, or other information based on the interests of the customer. This way, engaging with new prospects becomes an effortless job. Being in constant touch will help leads in making their final decision.