What types of material handling equipment will you need to run your industry?

There is no doubt that in any type of industry you are in, there will be heavy goods and items to carry. Not only it is the heavier items that we are talking about but some objects are not feasible to carry manually.

And to carry all these materials you will need to buy different types of material handling equipment in the industries.

In this article, we will check out the different types of equipment that you will need to run your industry. The items that we have given here are not that specialized ones but are general-purpose equipment that you will need to store and carry all general-purpose use.


Whether you are in the engineering industry or the food industry or any sort of pollution treatment industry then you need to buy trolleys.

Trolleys are that equipment that you will need to carry and transport different types of items from large to small ones to and fro across the industrial premises. These trolleys include platform trolleys, multitier trolleys, order picking trolleys, office trolleys, hand trucks, cleaning, and hospitality trolleys, and even dollies.

Check out the exact type of material handling equipment trolley that you need to buy here.


Just like trolleys, ladders are an example of material handling equipment Melbourne that is needed in just about any industry. There are different types of ladders depending on the exact type of work or application that they are bought for.

Based on the needs the industries may even ask to custom design the shape, size and include custom safety features that make it ideal for a few specific use in the industry.

There are different types of ladders that you may use that include- platform ladders, order picking ladders, fiberglass ladders, step ladders, extensible ladders, foldable ladders, work platforms, step ladders, etc.

Lifting equipment

In the majority of all industries, you will need to have devices that can be used as material handling equipment for lifting items. And this is where the use of flat slings, round slings, chain slings, chain and lever blocks, girder trolleys and clamps, powered hoisting equipment, lifting shackles, eyes, nuts, and bolts, lifting chains, cranes, scales, balancing equipment, forklift attachments and much more.

Depending on the type of industry and the amount or type of load to be lifted there are different shapes and sizes of the above-mentioned lifting equipment.

Drum handling equipment

In the industries, you will need to handle items for handling drums, vessels, and bins of different cylindrical sizes. And this is where the use of the different equipment specialized for handling round cylindrical items comes to use.

You can check out different material handling equipment for buying round items such as forklift attached `drum handling equipment, drum storage, drum handling trolleys, drum lifting equipment, and even rotating equipment.

Safety equipment and signage

IN any type of industry ensuring the safety of your stored items, products, and goods along with the labor and people working in the industries is pretty important. And this is where the need for safety equipment comes in. For ensuring the safety of equipment in your industry you may need some of the following mentioned items-

Convex mirrors, bollards of different colors for managing traffic effectively, barriers, spill kits, hazardous goods storage cabinets, slip-proof matting, safety labels and signage, fortified industrial gates, industrial locks, ratchet straps, and load restraint items.

Plastic bins and crates

Of course in any industry, you will have come across plastic bins and crates for storing various items. These are cylindrical plastic bins, plastic pallets, rectangular plastic vessels, and lots more.