What type of small businesses in the UAE need online payment methods?

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the UAE – in fact, 50 percent of start-ups in the MENA region are located in the Emirates. Recent regulatory changes have made setting up a small business even more attractive with the government allowing 100 percent foreign ownership and offering extended visas for entrepreneurs.

Business models may vary, but each venture has one common denominator: whatever the product or service might be, there are dirhams to be made and dirhams to be paid. 

Online payment methods allow small business owners to focus on running their business, rather than spending time counting the dirhams and fils filtering through from various payment methods. 

Seamless online payment methods mean a transaction can be made in seconds, with no cash exchanging hands, and no paper invoicing required. It streamlines business for the vendor, and ease of payment is likely to be preferred by the customer too.

Here are some examples of small businesses that would benefit from online payment methods:

At-home beauty therapists

The only thing more luxurious than having a spa treatment is enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. In the UAE, you can have massage and beauty therapists visit your home to pamper you, providing services from manicures and pedicures to facials, haircuts, and more. An online payment method means the client doesn’t have to risk smudging a nail while digging through a purse for change, and the beauty therapist can move onto the next appointment without having to carry cash on them.

Handyman and maintenance services

Need a lightbulb changed, a sink unblocked or a quick lick of paint to freshen up your home? Handyman and maintenance services make life in the UAE that much more simple, carrying out the majority of tasks the customer doesn’t have the time or expertise to do themselves. Occasionally language barriers might get in the way, which can complicate the payment process. A quick online payment method makes the process faster and easier. 

Maids and cleaning services

When your home needs a professional to carry out a quick once-over or a deep spring clean, you’ll find a number of businesses competing for your attention. Most companies will have thought of just about everything to make the process as smooth as possible: they’ll even give the home-owner the option of supplying cleaning products or having them brought by the maid. When it comes to payment, a quick online transaction relieves the maid of having to keep and safeguard cash and means clients don’t have to worry about having money on-hand.

Home-cooked food delivery

Most expats take a while to settle into a groove when it comes to preparing meals at home: there are just too many enticing options for eating out –  and ordering in. Home-cooked food delivery services are extremely popular in the UAE, as a sensible routine is easier to achieve when someone else is doing the cooking. Many of the kitchens are run by independent business people who offer a personalized delivery service and would benefit from an online payment method as it’s one less thing to worry about. 


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