What Type Of Pram Should I Choose? 5 Stylish Options 

When it comes to choosing the perfect pram for your little one, it can be a daunting task. With so many different styles, features and options on the market today, how do you know which will best suit you and your baby’s needs? 

Finding the right pram should never feel like an impossible task, no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or where your home may be located. We’ve rounded up five amazing options, so these suggestions have covered you no matter what look or function you desire from your wheels. 

Without further ado, let’s answer the question of ‘what type of pram should I choose?’ once and for all! 

If In Doubt, Speak To A Professional 

It is worth mentioning that If you’re seeking a solution that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle, the most convenient approach is to consult with a pram specialist. 

At DeWaldens Pram Centre, their dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal pram that fulfils your specific needs while accommodating your budget. Their experts possess extensive knowledge and can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find a pram that ticks all the boxes.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to explore options independently or wish to narrow down your choices before consulting a professional, here are some to aid you in your search:

#1 Traditional Pram

A traditional pram is a classic option for parents who want something timeless and dependable. It features a design that’s been around for generations, with a comfortable bassinet-style seat and four large wheels. 

The hood can be folded down when not in use, and there are usually plenty of storage pockets underneath or on the sides. This pram style is ideal if you need a place for your baby to rest for short periods, as it provides good stability and support. 

Plus, they’re often quite lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Traditional prams also come in various colours and fabrics, allowing you to choose and customise them to suit your taste. 

All in all, this type of pram offers practicality and convenience without sacrificing style. This is a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use pram for a single baby.

#2 Double Pram

Double prams are a great choice for parents of twins or siblings close in age. They offer plenty of space and comfort so you can easily transport both children simultaneously while having enough storage to carry all the necessary items. Here’s why double prams make such an excellent option:

They offer lots of space: With two separate seats that recline independently, your little ones can rest comfortably during long trips without feeling cramped. And the large canopy provides shade and protection from wind and rain, keeping them cosy no matter how far they travel.

They’re great for convenience & safety: Optional quick-fold systems can make these plans super simple to collapse when not in use, allowing for effortless transportation. Double prams are also equipped with full suspension and lockable swivel wheels, which add extra stability on bumpy roads.

With superior comfort, convenience and safety features, a double pram is worth considering if you want something stylish yet practical. Plus, it’ll save time by transporting both children at once – perfect for busy families on the go!

#3 Running Pram

A running pram is an excellent choice for active parents who want to keep up their fitness regime with a little one.

Running prams or ‘jogging strollers’ are designed with larger, air-filled tires that offer superior manoeuvrability over rough terrain or pavement, and they have adjustable handlebars so you can adjust your grip as needed for comfort. 

The design also features greater suspension than traditional strollers to absorb road shocks while maintaining a smooth ride. Plus, many models come with an extra storage basket under the seat to store snacks, toys, nappies, and other items during outdoor adventures. With this kind of pram, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way!

In addition to being rugged and dependable on different surfaces, modern running prams are incredibly stylish too. From sleek designs that feature reflective strips and bold colours to classic looks with plaid fabric accents – there’s something out there for everyone’s taste. 

#4 All-Terrain Pram

An all-terrain pram is perfect for parents who love to explore the great outdoors. It’s designed with large, wide wheels and a suspension system that makes it ideal for tackling uneven surfaces. 

Most all-terrain prams feature adjustable handlebars, so you can customise your ride height depending on whether you’re pushing or pulling. The robust construction also ensures safety and durability when taking long walks in the park.

All-terrain prams provide an enjoyable outdoor experience while keeping your little one safe and comfortable. They are lightweight yet sturdy enough to tackle any terrain without compromising support or stability.

 If you’re looking for a reliable way to get around town and enjoy nature simultaneously, an all-terrain pram is worth considering.

#5 Travel System Pram

Moving on from the all-terrain pram, travel system prams provide another stylish option for busy parents. Travel system prams combine a stroller and car seat, allowing you to transfer your infant from the car directly into the stroller without disturbing them.

The convenience of these systems is unparalleled; they help with things such as:

  • They save time as they don’t require transferring the baby between different pieces of equipment.
  • Some models even feature one-click technology that allows you to move quickly between settings with one hand while still holding onto the baby with the other.
  • They also make life easier by allowing parents to control how their child faces—towards them or away—and adjust positions for comfort and safety.

Travel system designs come in many shapes and sizes, each tailored to meet individual needs. The flexibility offered by this type of pram makes it an attractive choice for families who like to be out and about but need quick access to transportation options.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or more classic design features, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Which Pram Will You Choose?

There are many options for finding the right pram for your baby. From traditional prams, double prams, running prams, all-terrain prams and travel system prams, each type has unique features that make them ideal for different purposes.

We hope this article has helped answer your question of ‘what type of pram should I choose?’. No matter which one you pick, you want to ensure it’s comfortable and safe for your little one. 

Picking the best pram for you and your family is a personal choice. With so many stylish options available these days, take the time to research and find something that fits both your budget and lifestyle needs – then enjoy those precious moments with your baby!


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