What Type Of Lighting is Better? Warm Or Cool?

LED lighting exists in different shades, and depending on what’s appealing to you, you may choose between warm or cool LED lights. Some of these lighting colors may work better for your living room, while others are great for your kitchen.

So which is better for you? Well, you shouldn’t be worried. This article will guide you into navigating the rough terrain of choosing the right type of lighting for your space.

LED color temperature demystified

Other than the durability and energy efficiency which an LED offers, the difference between LED bulbs and the halogen versions is the wider range of available color temperatures.

Color temperature is normally measured on a Kelvin scale and starts from 1000K up to 10,000K. However, if you look at the most lighting choices for homes, you will realize that the majority lie between 2000 and 6500K. This means you have diverse choices of colors for your home, some of them cool, while others warm.

Warm and cool lighting: the difference

Warmer colors refer to white and are somehow dimmer when compared to cool colors which have some blue tinge and are brighter.

Warm lighting

Warm colors are best when used around residential properties, especially in living areas or in other spaces where there is a need to create homely, relaxing, and inviting atmospheres. Warm light colors have got a unique orange to yellow tinge, which is more similar to the old-styled halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Warm lights are best used in spaces where you spend lots of your time relaxing, and also unwinding around your home. These places include the dining rooms, living rooms, conservatories, and also the garden. Warm lights are also a fantastic selection for bedside lamps and also for table lamps.

Cool lighting

Cool lights are more vibrant and have some bluish in them, and look more like ordinary daylight. They are better if they can be used in the areas of your home that are busier, and in certain areas where you will require something brighter.

Cool lights make a wonderful selection for luxury interior lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and home offices among other spaces. These lights are more like that of the old-style fluorescent tube lights and are mostly used in commercial properties such as banks, shopping malls, and more.

LED strips

For the LED strips, cool white is amazing when used under the kitchen cabinets. However, for homes that have country-looking or rustic kitchens, warm white lights would make a huge difference. With cool white, you get a more modern look and this makes it the best for granite counters, laboratory kitchens, tiles, and a variety of other similar materials.

Our Verdict

Quickly, we can conclude that cool LED lights are best suited for practical applications, and warm white is amazing for living areas. However, it’s understood that the tastes of different people vary, so you can choose an LED color strip that suits your requirements.

Jennifer Alex

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