What Type Of Documents Will You Need for Obtaining A New Passport?

You will always need a passport when visiting a foreign country and once you obtain your passport your ticket exploring the world becomes easier. In the UK, you cannot travel out of the UK without having a passport.

Only the queen of England can travel overseas countries without any passport because she is the official issuing authority of passport. As Brexit is now around the corner, hence all UK residents will now need a passport for visiting even the neighboring countries.

Let us discuss in this short article, what documents will be needed by you to obtain a passport?

All the following documents that are listed below should be presented in originals, as no photocopies will be accepted.

Often few people submit a certified true copy that is notarized by notary London however, nowadays rules have been changed, and hence for a passport application, the authorities have started demanding for your original documents along with copies.

If your certificate is in a different language other than English and it’s notarized translated documents are needed along with the original document.

Those who were born or adopted in this country before 1983, will need to submit the following documents:

  • The original birth certificate, or its official copy
  • OR the original certificate of adoption or its official copy.

Your full birth certificate must have complete details about your both parents, and also details about you too. If you will require to order an official copy of your original birth certificate, then you can do so and you need to pay the necessary costs as applicable depending on your circumstances.

Those of you who were born or adopted in the UK after or during 1983, then you will need to submit the following documents.

  • The original full birth certificate, or its official copy
  • OR the original adoption certificate, or its official copy

Besides that you will also have to submit one of the following documents, along with the above to obtain your passport:

  • The UK birth certificate of your mother or father.
  • Also, their home office registration certificate or naturalization certificate.
  • A British passport of any one of your parent, when you were born
  • A British passport number of one of your parents

Those who cannot produce the above document will require evidence of immigration status of parents in the UK when you were born e.g. a foreign passport that may be belonging to any one of your parents that was valid when you took birth.

If you are sending documents relating to your father, then you also have to send the marriage certificate of your parents.

Those who are born outside UK and have got a certificate or naturalization/registration, then you will need…

  • Your naturalization/registration certificate
  • The passport that you used while coming into UK, or your foreign passport.

You will have to submit all original copies of all of the above documents. A naturalization or registration certificate will be given to a person if they are granted British citizenship.