What tools are powered by air?

In this era of machines where most of the works are done without the help of humans or with very less human efforts. There are many tools that are operated by human force like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches etc., on the other hand, there are also many tools that do not require human force to run. These tools are mostly operated by compressed air.

The main source of compressed air to make these tools work is an air compressor. If you don’t know what an air compressor is? Then let me tell you in brief that it sucks air from the surrounding in the form of compressed air with the help of mechanical force and stores it inside a big cylindrical tank. The compressed air then used by the other pneumatic tools.

Today we are going to discuss what are the tools that require this compressed air to run. So just keep reading, and you will get to know about many tools that you might not have heard of. So, let’s dive into it.

  1. Air Hammer – An air hammer is a pneumatic that is used to do a wide array of jobs. This tool needs some chisels to work because of which it is also called Air Chisel. Without these chisels the air hammer is useless. It uses compressed air, and it depends on the capacity of air compressor that how long an air hammer will work. It is used for carving, shaping, and breaking the metal, and it does all these jobs without any problem. Before using an air hammer, you need to keep some points in mind. You should know about its chisels that which chisel is designed to perform which type of task and second, you should always use some protection before using this tool ,i.e., keep your eyes cover by using good quality glass and also use some hearing protection gears.
  2. Impact Wrench – This is another tool which uses compressed air to run. You all must have heard about wrenches, but most of you might have no idea about air-powered wrenches as we only deal with the tasks in which our hand power is enough to make it done. But today because of big and powerful machines, our hand power is not enough to complete every single task. An impact wrench is also famous as an impact gun or torque gun or windy gun sometime. It delivers it service by rotating its head on which it is placed. This tool is mostly used in the automobile industry, in heavy equipment maintenance, construction projects and especially where the machines’ nuts and screws need to be tightened or loosened.
  3. Nail Gun – Next air-powered tool in our list is a nail gun. It is a gun-type tool that contains small pins inside it and comes into action when someone wants to join the woods by firing it. It is a good replacement of hammer and pin. People usually insert pins one by one with the help of hammer due to which, sometimes the nail bents or even break. But because of this nail gun, they complete their wood joining work in about a few minutes. This gun needs to be used very carefully; otherwise, this might harm you very badly. The user needs to make sure that the gun should be placed straight towards the wood else the nails can come out from the wood.
  4. Angle Grinder – An angle grinder is also famous with its another name called disc grinder. This tool is mainly designed for grinding and metal cutting purpose, which is used to remove unwanted material from metal. These are one of the best cutting tools as they are inexpensive, lightweight and portable and can cut any metal you want.
  5. Jackhammer – You must have seen a jackhammer as government workers commonly use it to dig the roads for making pipelines or some other work. A jackhammer is made up of more than 50 pieces which are attached by the help of bolts. This is the only tool that is connected by bolts, not by welding; this is because it vibrates a lot while working. And if they’ll make it by welding, it will disassemble all its parts due to vibration. Most of the jackhammers use compressed air, but few of them runs without compressed air, by electrical power.