What to Wear On a Casual First Date For Guys

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What to wear on a first date won’t be a nerve-wracking question until there is only half an hour left for the date. You won’t get a second chance to make a better first impression. Great first impressions are always conveyed through what you wear. Dressing smart and stunning can increase the chance of landing on a second date. Dressing for first dates can always be a bit tricky. You don’t want to be overdressed and at the same time, you don’t want to turn out a nightmare with your faded t-shirt, and jeans from years back.

Here is a guide to solving the conundrum of looking casual on a first date and at the same time as you don’t live years back.

The minimalist look

If being simple and plain is your motto, the minimalist look is perfect for you. Though it might sound simple, the look will make you stand apart when details are hit perfectly. There is nothing simple and plain about a stunning white t-shirt and simple khaki pants. White is a universal color and it complements any skin tone. Pay attention to the fit of the pants. A Pants with tapered skinny silhouette adds to the casualness of the outfit. The classy look of the t-shirt can be taken to the next level with a men’s casual jacket. It flaunts your color and expresses it beautifully. Pair the ensemble with a simple watch and you are good to go. Complete the sartorial ensemble with a pair of loafers. You can sport this look to a variety of date settings such as a gaming date, amusement park date, or a bowling date.

The classic polo and jeans

Polo, jeans, and sneakers are a simple and straightforward combo that can never go wrong. Once again minimalism is the key here. A plain polo with no visible branding is a perfect choice. Go for solid dark colors in contrast to your skin tone. Go for your best fitting pair of regular jeans. Make sure that the jeans and polo are not of the same color. The look is complete with a pair of sneakers. If you wish you can accessorize the ensemble by tossing a watch or bracelet into the mix. This look is perfect for after-work meet or long drives.

The pilot ensemble

The 7pilot look has a stunning first impression on women. This look is considered to be something with its origin back in the 80s but getting the details right will make you perfect for the 21st century. The pilot look is a hundred percent masculine look and the world of difference is done with details. The two most important things to which you have to pay attention are the pants and the t-shirt. Let us begin with the t-shirt. 

Go for something that looks fresh and comfortable. Turn your heads to faded t-shirts from the archaic period. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the t-shirt should be one for grown-ups and not for teenagers. Go for solid and plain t-shirts. Above the t-shirt goes the leather bomber jacket. Go for crisp leather either new or distressed.

Next comes the pants; skinny will make you stand firm in the 21st century but pay caution to skinny jeans as it can risk a top-heavy balloon look. The pilot look is great for a dive diner date or an after-work meet up. It also looks at great dates involving long drives.

Solid dark ensemble

The dark ensemble is one of the dressier outfits that one can sport on a date. This is a classy look, perfect for an evening dinner date or a classy date at a classy place. The T-shirt and blazer are a combo that is years old but still can do the magic when the details are got right. You can add some 21st-century additions such as slim-fit men’s jacket online, a minimal watch, and all-black color schemes. The dark ensemble is something that has defined the fashion trend of the 21st century. The solid black outfit is cool and at the same time, it is badass. A tiny detail to keep in mind while sporting this look is the collar should be smooth and sharp. If the collar is not sharp and smooth, the whole effect of the outfit will ruin. The monotone color looks good together only when the palette is dark and cultured.

Go for a layered look

The layered look is perfect for a date when the mercury goes down the horizon. It looks cool and at the same time, it keeps you warm. Let us take a look at what the elements of this date night look are. The first layer is the t-shirt. Go for a crew neck t-shirt to add some texture. Next in the layer is the overshirt. In winter, you can go for a flannel shirt with a heavy build to add some texture and warmth. You can swap the flannel shirt with a bomber jacket or a casual zip sweater to reduce fuss. For the bottom, go for thick formal pants in a slim fit. Complete the ensemble with a pair of leather boots. This look makes you look effortless and classy. The layered look is perfect for a lunch date or after-office meet-up look.

Go casual with Henley and chinos

Henley t-shirt and chinos are two articles of the casual wardrobe and both go well together. Don’t follow a monotonous palette here; instead, go for contrasting colors that complement each other. A Navy blue t-shirt and olive green chinos are a great combo when it comes to dates. You can add some details with a watch and coolers on a summer day afternoon. Induce brightness and contrast to the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. This look is effortless and can be your safest option when you have not figured out what to wear until the last minute.

List of things that you shouldn’t wear on a date

You don’t want to be the guy who makes a fashion faux pas on a first date, so here is a list of things you should avoid on a first date.  

  • A hoodie
  • Graphic t-shirts
  • Ties
  • Sandals

Anything, on the extremes of casual or formal, can be avoided on the first date.

Bottom line

The chances of taking the first date ahead increase with the outfit you wear. Reserve the best casual clothes online and stock your wardrobe to prevent any fashion disasters.