What to wear in the gym?

Dressing for the gym can be a little challenging. 

You need an outfit that combines style with comfort. While working out, you simply don’t want to be comfortable but also look good. Gyms are turning into social places where you get the chance to interact with a number of people. So, you need to think twice before choosing your workout clothing. 

It is not that you need to focus on fashion instead of fitness. But when you are feeling good and confident in your gym gear, you will be motivated to push yourself.

Mark from MR ALPHA has some tips to help you choose an outfit for the gym.

Type of shirts to wear:

Do not go for those 100 percent cotton shirts. They are breathable but they can get drenched in sweat quite easily. Choose a dry fit and moisture-wicking material. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex will dry quickly and won’t result in blobs of sweat on your gym top. Their additional benefit is that they last longer.

A performance fabric T-shirt is also a good option because it contours the body and accentuates the muscles. If you want to show off your biceps then training tank tops for mens will be best for you. Wearing baggy or skin-tight shirt can constrict movements so wear a size that fits you perfectly.

Type of bottoms to wear:

It depends on what activity you are doing. For example, if you are doing cardio than wear shorts. Sweat pants can be a little restricting if you are going to run or jog so stick with shorts.

Now the question is what kind of shorts to wear? It is suggested that the length should neither be below the knee nor far above it. Wearing lower shorts will restrict the movement, while wearing above-knee-length shorts you will risk flashing your junk.

If you are not doing cardio but are lifting weights then you can wear sweatpants. Tailored sweatpants are the best option in this case. Another style trending these days is to wear compression pants under the shorts. It looks super stylish and is a versatile choice for both cardio and work out.

Type of socks to wear:

For socks, the most practical and fashionable options are low show socks or ankle socks preferably in white color. Just make sure to buy a pair of socks that are breathable, absorbent and lightweight.

Appropriate footwear:

If you are going to be running, doing cardio then wear running sneakers. If you are going to be lifting weights or doing crossfit exercise then make sure to wear shoes with ankle support and heel support so that they do not bear a lot of strain. That might result in foot deformities. Basketballs shoes are perfect for this type of workout. Buying a pair that is trendy is an added bonus to ramp up your style.

A good sports watch:

Buy sports watch that is cheap but durable. We won’t recommend buying an expensive one since you will be working out and there will be chances of you losing or breaking it. It should feature a heart rate monitor and a stopwatch or chronograph. These features will help you out a lot while doing time training. Buy one in black color as it can be coordinated with different colored gym outfit.

Gym bag:

Buy a reasonable sized bag that fits all your gym stuff without being too heavy. Try to purchase nylon gym bag. You can go for a backpack or duffle bag. Before purchasing make sure it has ample space to accommodate your casual work clothes and a pair of shoes along with other essentials such as your towel, supplements, wallet, phone, etc.

General advice:

Whatever you choose to wear the most important thing is to smell good. Don’t wear unlaundered gym wear because it’s a recipe for disaster. Make sure to launder the outfit right after you work out. Dirty gym wear doesn’t just smell bad, it can also cause allergies and skin problems. Moreover, you will smell horrible and nobody would like to work out around.

Now that you look good put all your energy to shed those extra pounds.