What to think about before buying a new jet ski

Tips for choosing the jet ski that’s right for you 

Buying a new jet ski is an incredibly enjoyable and exciting experience look at the Jetski for sale Mississippi. However, many buyers, unfortunately, soon become more or less disappointed when they realize that they have bought a model that does not quite suit their lifestyle and riding style. Perhaps the buyer wanted more speed, or the jet ski is not suitable for the local water body or does not have the necessary functions.

Many problems can be avoided by taking a good look at the information you need and being honest about your desires and preferences. Therefore, before parting with a tidy sum or committing to pay it over several years, ask yourself the following:

What do you want?

High speed and dashing turns

If you want dizzying maneuvers on the water, you should pay attention to the powerful sports jet skis with large engines and superchargers.

They, in turn, can be divided into two types: double and triple. The first class is not plentiful, but its two representatives are among the most popular models on the market: the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 and the Yamaha FZR. Both jet skis almost fly, taking off at the start and accelerating to 100-105 kilometers per hour in record time. What’s more, they are incredibly agile and manageable and take sharp turns on the rails.

Want speed, but the price bites? Take a closer look at the Sea-Doo GTR or Yamaha VXR. Both models do not have a supercharger, which reduces cost and fuel consumption, but the lightweight body maintains optimal power density.

Towing and water sports

A jet ski is a relatively cheap alternative to an expensive tug boat, but not every jet bike is suitable for this purpose.

First, pay attention to the obvious: A three-seater jet ski is best for towing. Thus, the driver will be able to ride, looking directly at who will be on the water ski/wakeboard.

You also need to keep in mind the horsepower available and what you plan to tow. A jet ski is an affordable alternative to a speedboat for many water sports, but far from ideal. Due to the lightweight and smooth surface of the body of the aquabike, the rider can pull the car a little behind him if he leaves the wake. In addition, the power of many budget models may not be enough to pull a skier out of the water easily. In addition to this, it is not easy to maintain a constant speed of the watercraft while driving, as the throttle is quite sensitive.

For the best result, it is worth choosing a mid-range (or higher) model with a slightly better engine than the base one. Cruise control would be a very useful aid, as it will allow you to set a certain speed while towing and relieve the load from the driver’s hand, making the ride of the watercraft much smoother. There are Sea-Doo WAKE models equipped with board shelves and towline poles for the most avid sports enthusiast.

Longboat trips

The requests of this category of buyers are perhaps the easiest to satisfy. After all, almost any jet ski is good for long journeys, but for really enjoyable and comfortable journeys, some jet skis are better than others.

The best choice here is a three-seater model: you will have more seats and more space for your belongings, and the large body of the jet ski makes the ride more pleasant and confident in different conditions.

If you need to carry many things and equipment, pay special attention to the volume of the luggage compartments. For example, the Kawasaki Ultra models are very roomy, while the Sea-Doo GTX models have surprisingly small luggage compartments. The main thing is to decide for yourself: will you often carry a tent, riding, and other things with you, or will it be just a cool idea that you are unlikely to ever try out in practice? The answer to this question will quickly narrow down the list of jet skis that are right for you.

The shape and style of the seat are also quite important. Long journeys will be less tiring if the seat supports your lower back well. If you are going to ride several passengers at once, it is better to choose a jet bike with a multi-level (stepped seat) so that people do not block each other’s view and do not sit in cramped quarters.

Cruise control and no-wake mode will also make sailing a lot more enjoyable. Holding down the throttle lever all the time can cause your hand to get tired quite quickly, and you can drive for a few more hours.

Finally, decide on the watercraft engine. A very powerful supercharged engine will consume more gas, so you will have to refuel more often along the way. Models like the Kawasaki Ultra LX, Sea-Doo GTX 155, or Yamaha FX HO would be good choices as they have all the benefits of the latest hull design and won’t eat up a lot of fuel due to the high-performance engine.

What if I’m a beginner?

In that case, of course, pay attention to the entry-level models. They often have many of the charms of faster models, but they don’t hit the wallet as hard.

Just know what you are getting and count everything carefully. Will the cheapest model be enough for you not only now but also in a year? Would you like more soon?

Look for reviews to know the actual top speed of a particular model, compare different models that fit in terms of equipment, and compare the total price with more expensive jet skis if you want a cheaper model but buy a few things separately. For example, contrary to the expectations of many, Yamaha did not significantly lower the price of its V1 model to compete with the cheaper Sea-Doo Spark, as many buyers still buy some options for the Spark, which brings the jet ski to a different price range.