What to See in Marrakech, Morocco

One of Morocco’s oldest cities is Marrakech.. This city is located right at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, allowing travelers to enjoy spectacular views.

The ancient architecture and sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List also contribute to the particular popularity of Marrakech. During a tourist trip, you will not only be able to see the famous sights, but also better understand the peculiar Moroccan culture. many people do this 4 Days Tour From Marrakech To Merzouga Desert

Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden is a landmark with a special atmosphere. Here the house is painted blue, which makes it look very beautiful against the mud walls. In addition, in the garden grows rare plants collected from many countries around the world.

In the Majorelle Garden you can see flowers from South Africa, Mexican cacti and Chinese lotuses. This unique gardening marvel deserves the special attention of travelers.

Jamaa El Fna

The main square of Marrakech is a place where life is constantly boiling. Here you can see vendors and beggars, circus tricksters, owners of cute pets, musicians. There is also a restaurant here, so you can eat right on the main town square if you want.

Nowadays the square is protected by UNESCO, because it is Jamaa el-Fna, a unique place where the special medieval atmosphere is still preserved.

Al-Qutubiyah Mosque

Al-Qutubiya is one of the largest mosques in Marrakech. The appearance of this religious landmark dates back to the twelfth century. After the mosque was built, it was a library, school, and university.

The mosque includes elements of Moroccan and Andalusian architecture, so it looks quite original. In addition, the presence of five domes emphasizes the greatness of the religious object. The spire of the minaret is decorated with four golden orbs, which also emphasizes the beauty of the object. Al-Qutubiya Mosque surprises many travelers with its original execution. it is also possible to do 5 dias desde Marrakech al Desierto

Saadit Shrine

On the site of Saadit shrine, dead people have been buried for a long time. Historians managed to prove that at the end of the XV century, Sultan Ahmed-el-Mansour began to arrange the site for the creation of a unique tomb, where he was buried in 1603. Moroccan princes were also buried here. In the garden that surrounds the mausoleum rest the spouses of the sultans and the first advisors

Bahia Palace

It took seven years to build the unique palace complex. Vizier Sidi Moussa often bought neighboring plots of land, so the architect who was in charge of planning the palace was constantly changing designs. It took the architect a lot of effort to carry out the construction activities.

As a result, the Bahia Palace was a complex labyrinth, as the building had only one floor. The vizier did not want to bother creating a staircase and a second floor. In spite of the fact that the palace building occupies only one floor, the area of the rooms is surprising.

The Bahia Palace has not survived in its original form, but many tourists are ready to appreciate the special decoration of the walls, ceilings, doors, marble fountains. The uniqueness of the palace complex is beyond doubt.

Qasr al-Badi

The palace of El Badi is one of the most important sights in Marrakech. Its appearance dates back to 1578, and Portuguese money was used for the construction measures. To create the palace complex, colored onyx was brought from India, marble from Italy, and granite from Ireland. A century later, however, Ismail Mawli ordered the el-Badi palace to be dismantled and the available materials used to build a palace in the city of Meknes.

El-Badi Palace looks devastated, but it still includes hundreds of rooms, underground tunnels. Such a sight makes a special impression on many tourists.

Marrakech Museum

Visitors to the museum can see a large number of ancient exhibits, but the collection continues to expand. Now the exposition is replenished with unique handmade items created by talented craftsmen from Marrakech. Sacred books that were brought back from different countries, Moroccan jewelry, ceramic objects, Tibetan clothing, and antique objects also deserve attention.

Dar C. Said

Dar Si Said has been a museum since 1934, and before that it was the mansion of Si Said, brother of the famous Vizier Ba Ahmed.

The museum amazes with its rich collection of the following valuable items:

Berber jewelry.

Stone oil lamps.


National things.

Antique weapons.


Furniture made of cedar.

The museum palace Dar Si Said is also famous for its Andalusian garden, in the center of which there is a fountain.

The Royal Theater of Marrakech

The building of the Royal Theater is a true marvel of Moroccan architecture. The building was designed by the famous architect Charles Boccard. The official opening of the theater took place in September 2001, after which the development of cultural life in Marrakech intensified.

The Menard Gardens

The Menard Gardens are a grove of olive trees and an artificial reservoir. The garden was created in the 13th century and a little later there appeared a lake. In 1870, a gazebo with a roof was built next to the pond.

As a result the Gardens of Menard were able to become one of the most beautiful and romantic places not only in Marrakech, but also in Morocco.

The Gardens have a very special location because in every case there will be an amazing view of the mountains. Here you can enjoy the special atmosphere and understand how beautiful life can be.

Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls are located in a mountainous area and have three cascades which fall as much as 110 meters. Uzud is one of the highest and truly beautiful waterfalls in the world. Every tourist who can visit this corner of Marrakech gets to enjoy amazing panoramas. At the top of the slopes of the waterfall there are water mills and small enterprises engaged in the production of real olive oil.

The valley of the Uriqua

The Urika valley is approximately 68km from Marrakech. Every weekend there is a large market held close to the river which attracts people from all the villages in the area.

A road runs along the bottom of the valley where there are earthen huts. On the slopes of the mountain that surrounds the valley, there are hotels.

There are also picturesque gardens and cultivated fields. Not surprisingly, the Urika Valley attracts many tourists.

Ifran National Park

The protected area is located in a mountain range in Morocco. Tourists can see here cedar groves and Mediterranean oak forests, which are home to a large number of birds. In addition, the national park is home to many species of fauna, among which include even the Berber macaques.

These days, Ifrane National Park visually resembles a Swiss village. Tourists always have an unforgettable time here.

Agdala Gardens

Agdala Gardens are amazing with its history. They were founded back in 1157. The irrigation of the gardens is still carried out through a special system of ground pools, into which water is supplied by pipes from the mountainous areas. The gardens are enclosed on each side by ancient earthen walls.

At present, the Agdala Gardens still belong to the King of Morocco. Tourists are allowed to enter only for a limited time on Fridays and Sundays.

Festivals and festivals are regularly held in the Gardens of Agdal.

Madrasa Ben Youssef

This ancient Koranic school has existed since the 14th century. The school has preserved its original appearance almost to this day. For the past four centuries, the Koranic school has been an important center of religious life in Morocco.

The entrance to the Koranic School is decorated with a high arch, under which there is a door made of bronze. The mosaic floor leads to an inner courtyard with marble floor and patterned walls. In the center of the patio is the swimming pool. This leads to a large prayer hall divided into three rooms by marble columns. Such rooms of the Koranic school always leave only the best impressions.

Al-Mansour Mosque

Construction of the mosque began at the end of the 12th century. As a result, the constructed religious object surprised with its architectural execution. Unfortunately in 1574 the mosque has almost completely burnt down.

Marrakech is an ancient city of Morocco, a visit to which will allow you to see the versatility of the country with an extraordinary culture.

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